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My piece

I decided to do my piece by following the guidelines set out by my manifesto and also by using influences by pre-existing movement ‘Adbusters’, in the past they have taken advertisement billboard space to promote ironic advertisements against the big corporations, particually Nike and McDonalds.

I decided to use this as an influence for my project as, I thought that I could take this influence into the online world, and attack a place where it is perfectly legal to write on another persons wall…Facebook

I went with this as I felt that a lot of people do not take the details they share on facebook under enough consideration and many do not realise that the data they put on facebook doesn’t belong to them anymore, instead it belongs to facebook, who knows how damaging that could be for a person, particularly an artist that wishes to show their drawings or an inventor wanting to share an idea, nothing is stopping this site from taking that info and using it for their own personal gain.

below is my own ‘adbusters’ style take on the facebook home page, it’s nothing impressive artistically, but i hope it gets the point across.


Photo shopping action

research into what I should do for my own piece, reminded me of a website I came across a number of months ago here

This site was created in the run-up to the general election and encouraged people to make their own ‘anti-government’ posters, it was a response to the huge amounts of money and billboard space both major parties were taking at the time, as well as the ‘war of words’ it brought with it.

below you can see my own attempt at a poster…is that all you shall see from me this week? no. but I was just reminded of how much i enjoyed this site and found it relevant to the subject matter.


OFF-TOPIC: My internet is so bad that my main influence at the moment is anti-virgin media.

Street Art ‘101’

Earlier today, I started off this module with a talk about ‘street art’ and discussed what it is about, we then followed this up with a look around the exhibition about street art at the Herbert art gallery, we were then instructed to create a ‘manifesto’ here is my groups attempt at this.


‘Please note: I have only had one lesson on the subject and certainly do not consider myself an expert on the subject)

-Street Art Manifesto-

1. Street art is a form of expression and you must do what is in your power to make that expression whilst keeping to your own view and style.

2. Street art is confrontation, never back down from expressing what you feel is right.

3. Location is vital to your work, a good location can speak volumes for your message if placed correctly, a bad location can risk disguising or altering your message.

4. Street art does not always have to give answers, sometimes it’s better to get people just to ask different questions.

5. Consider acting anonymous, it can add a lot to your ‘character’, making your messages potentially more effective.

6. Only reflect on the past, if it is relevant to your future. Street art should represent current situations or potential future problems.

7. It doesn’t matter if your work causes controversy…in fact we encourage it.

8. Street art is not to be used for personal gain, Profit should not be the reason for creating a piece of art.

9. Street art is an anti-establishment movement and should challenge people in the way they think, act and what they plan for the future…having said that however,

10. The irony is that street art itself is an establishment movement and is guided by it’s own set of rules as mentioned above…however ours is an establishment that wishes to give people a voice via art.



I will create a piece of work using this manifesto as a guideline, expect that up in the week