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Radio Quiz

Above is my groups Radio project, the project has also been uploaded to Vimeo. But I will now explain the process over the last week or so that lead to this.

Last Tuesday we had our interim critque where our script and running order were looked into, We were given positive feedback for where our show was at that point, we shown the script which was posted in my last 262MC post, That day we also recorded our soundbites for the second round, we spent a while discussing what we would get them to answer for the round and then recorded the piece on Jambo’s sound recorder, we decided to go with this rather than the radio studio as we wanted to make it sound like we did get the sound from elsewhere (their home or via telephone etc) we defiantly didn’t want it to sound like it was recorded in the same room as Jim’s bit. We then spent the next two days practicing and were happy were we were apart from a few minor changes which were reflected in our script


The major concern we had was for our ‘sound’ I tried to gain original sounds that would suit a radio one esque vibe, I used the who wants to be a millionaire sound as an example but i wanted something slightly more light hearted, however we couldn’t get sounds that suited this feel in time, So we made the decision to go w/ retro video games sounds as it added to the light hearted side of the quiz which was emphasized in the non-prize that was the dairy milk bar.

On the day of recording itself, we ran into a few problems with sounds, the sounds we got from the on the move recording were much louder than we anticipated and adam’s was distorted at the start, we did what we could with it, but it was impossible to fully sort out this problem, we also had an error in the script which I failed to change which caused an error in our first couple of attmepts,

we recorded the show about 5 times, our last 2 were nearly flawless, I ended up using the final recording for the edit, there was very little for me to rectify and most of what was edited was just gaps between jambo being silent and the jingles or songs starting.

all in all I’m very happy with this piece, I feel I got a great group to work with, I feel that any problems we had we’d take on well as a team rather than leave it all to one person and I personally was glad to have a much bigger voice in this production than what I had in both TV studio projects.

Feedback on my radio piece is greatly appreciated I realize there are faults and I wish Jim got a question wrong so we could get our antagonist host some more chances to show that off.

Til next time wordpress.


TV Feedback and Radio Ideas.

On tuesday I arrived in lecture prepared for our show to finally get it’s premier (beyond our group on our facebook group wall) I was quite happy with the finished product, Whilst not perfect I felt that lighting and Graphics were really well done and  have to complement those involved i both as the suited the show well, I’d have liked to have seen more graphics to be honest, but conidering the timescale, I think that the graphics were outstanding. I was happy with how the show was recieved by our viewers, there were still things I would change, but I was very happy with the final project.

After the viewing we went down to the basement to discuss ideas for our radio show, it’s worth mentioning I am in a group with Samantha Soane and James Dann. I went into the group meeting with Three rough ideas in my head which are explained below:

  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers- this would have been a film quiz, celebrating the weird and wonderful qoutations of movies, I was planning on getting the host to say film quotes in a weird out of context style for the contestant to guess the original actor or film the qoutation apperaed in..this would be mixed with general film quiz questions and possibly a guess the film score round.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss – This a quiz based around the idea of getting quiz questions WRONG, it is looesly based on a quiz game I’ve played a few times which I believe was called ‘Loser Takes All’ where the player would be presneted a number of multiple choice questions and the player would need to choose the wrong answer…not as easy as it sounds. the game starts off easy with questions such as for example: what sport do the team ‘Manchester United’ play? Football or darts and then would progress into more and more difficult qustions which are not easily answerable leaving the contestant to guess and probably get confused.
  • The Pub Quiz – This was based on the idea of basing the sound and feel of a pub quiz onto a radio show, I had round ideas and sounds I could use for it, however I felt that this could be a it too generic.

In the group meeting my group were happy with the ignorance is bliss idea, but decided to expand the idea, We came up with a second round where the contestant would have to guess which of his/her friends said what about them…e.g the host would say who said that you’re a funny drunk? and then the contestant would have to guess from 3 friends that were announced at the start of the round. We also have a final round where the contestant will have to guess what song is being played…backwards.

We decided that the host with have to be an antagonist host (or as we coined it ‘Bastard Judge’) and he would be a person the audience would side against as the rounds seem either unfair or are desigined to get a reaction from the contestants. We decided Jambo would be able to present this role best so have put him down for presenter. We also need to do realistic prizes so for the moment we are going with the contesant starting off with a choclate bar, but for every question the player gets wrong, the host will eat a piece of chocolate to make him seem even more of an evil host.

To summerise I’m very happy with how my radio show is shaping up, i’m really excited to get practicing in the studios again 🙂

BBC: Coventry & Warwickshire: Interview

About Fifteen minutes ago (yes, really I’m that quick to blog) I was at BBC CWR radio to have an interview about a possible placement. I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before but for the last few weeks I was desperatly trying to get a CV sorted so I could make the deadline for this. Fortunatly I made the deadline and was lucky enough to be offered an interview this morning with Duncan Jones of CWR and Shelley Stevenson of Coventry University (also in charge of the radio side of 262mc more on that in another post.)

In preperation I was asked to listen to Coventry & Warwickshire’s breakfast show with Tim & Miriam. I was asked to critically analyise the show and come prepred to talk about what’s good about the show and potential improvements. I also practiced interview techniques as it was my first interview for anything not to do with university for a long time.

So what happened? I hear you ask, Well I was meant to be at the interview at 11.20am but decided to leave a bit early so I could make sure I was there on time, I ended up being at the station at about 11:05 and we decided to have the interview early. I don’t know what to think about the interview, I think they liked what I had to say about the show and about myself and my previous experience, but I think I let my nerves show alot in the interview and also had little to say about CWR in general, I’m not a regular listener and that shown in the interview and may well count against me, I also could not think of any questions to ask in the interview.

Overall: I’ll find out in the next 24 hours or so if I will have a placement from this interview, whether or not I get it I’m glad I had the oppurtunity to go to the interview as I certinanly now feel I need to practice and perfect my Interviewing techinquies, I don’t think the interview was a failure but I certinanly feel there was room for improvement…but for now i’m crossing my fingers and looking in my E-Mail.

Formats Production So Far…

Over the summer we were given a choice of which module we would like to do this term, ‘Sound’ ‘Documentary’ or ‘Formats’ I decided to go with formats…on Tuesday 12/10/2010, I settled in for my first lecture.

During this lecture, items were discussed and videos were shown to help us to try and understand why certian TV and Radio formats were successful, particually in the panel show and quiz variety. we watched a clip of Deal Or No Deal’s first ever $1,000,000 winner and tried to understand, how a show where no skill is apparent and in fact all the contestants really ‘do’ is open boxes be so successful that it has spawned remakes the world over. The answer that we came to is that the show (as well as many others inc: X Factor) rely on the ‘human’ aspect of the show, it is more a one off drama about this person’s wants. needs and opportunity’s than it is about the game, in fact i’d argue the game is just a way of getting an extreme reaction from a person, these can vary for sheer jubilation to humiliation and depression. Games like ‘GoldenBalls’ also add in an aspect of betrayal into this by pitting the two contestant’s ‘trust’ against each other at the end.

I posted this video on Facebook as well and below are a secletion of the responses the video provoked, this shows that these type of programmes can raise a lot of emotion, not only from the contestants but from the audience aswell

We were then asked what role we would like to do this year, I went for ‘Vision Mixer’ again. As you may know I did this role for ‘The Gents Show’ last year and really enjoyed it, however my competition was tough, I had another 4 people going for that role and there was only 2 positions available, I failed to gain this role, the primary reason I was told was that I did the role last year, which I decided was fair enough and set my sights on doing camera work.

We were then put into a group, I was placed in Group A and we would work out who would be in all the remaining positions (the positions taken so far were ‘director’, ‘producers’, ‘Vision Mixer’ and ‘Presenters’ as mentioned before, I decided to go for camera there was 4 of us going for the role of camera but only 3 cameras available, again there would have to be a discussion, however instead of the lecturers this time, it was left down to my group. We all left the room as our group came to a decision, when I returned, I discovered I was offered the role of Camera 3, In my opinion the best of the 3 cameras at least in past experiences.

we then had a practice session and decided to meet up again on thursday to discuss any ideas we had for the task we’d been given, this was to create a ‘Quiz’ Show for TV and Radio, this large group was the TV group, however I also organized a group with Sam Soane and James Dann which will come into more action in the middle of November once the TV quiz is finished.

On the thursday we met up in the common room to discuss what ideas we’d like to make into a show, we seemed to go down the idea of a movie quiz show and would discuss it further on tuesday…unfortunatly I was ill on tuesday and failed to make it into university that day, but as far as I’m aware the idea was shot down and the group decided to change it, when I met the group up again on thursday I discovered the game had morphed into a show based ‘loosely’ on the game show Jeopardy, but I decided to add a twist into inspired slightly by ‘In It To Win It’ on BBC1, I will do my best to explain my variation of  the rules of our show below:

  • Three Contestants work as a team in Round 1 to build up as much money into a pot as possible
  • Contestants have a choice of 6 catergories each with 5 levels of difficulty
  • The higher the rate of difficulty the more the question is worth, ranging from 200-400-600-800-1000
  • If a contestant attempts a question and get’s the question correct, then the number is added to the pot
  • If a contestant attempts a question and get’s the question incorrect then the number is subtracted from the pot – unless the pot is Zero in which case the pot stays at zero

there are two different endings we have for this round, one is that whoever puts in the most ‘share’ into the pot takes the lot (e.g: C1 puts in £800, C2 puts in £200 and C3 puts in £1,400… C3 would win the entire £2,400 pot) or alternatively the ‘after the break round’ which would not be filmed would be a 3-way fight for the entire pot. meaning the (forgive me please) ‘Weakest Link’ would still have a chance of taking all the money…I’m going to something I’ve never done on this blog before and place a poll, please let me know which idea you prefer to end the show on, bear in mind that the 2nd round probably won’t be filmed…

I’ve been tasked with coming up with 20 questions for this show 10 in the field of music and 10 in the field of general knowledge, 10- because we will be filming multiple takes of this show and don’t want the contestants to feel they know the answer in 2nd or 3rd takes. I would place the questions on the blog but I’m worried the contestants on the show may read them, so you will have to wait to see them until after filming i’m afraid.

Until next time wordpress.

Corby Radio – Show Recording

As mentioned before, I’ve been having problems getting to go to a TV or a Radio shoot, or at least a big one anyways. I managed to get a few tickets, but they always seemed to be at a pretty bad time for me, which has been frustrating and unfortunate. However I have seen Dozens of shows being broadcast Live during my work experience at Corby Radio, Obviously this doesn’t have a live audience (besides a few admin staff and news workers) but it’s at least something to talk about, I’m still applying for tickets and will hopefully be able to go to a TV shoot soon, but until then here are my thoughts on the broadcast and preparation for ‘The Corby Journal’ on Corby Radio.

The Corby Journal is a morning show broadcast on Corby Radio between 10am and ending at 1pm it is preceded by Andy Coupland’s breakfast show and followed by ‘The Mystery Year’ which is a number of tracks played after each other from one single year. The journal is hosted by Des Barber, who also runs Corby Radio. The show has a number of different features that occur in each broadcast, these include ‘The Teatime Teaser’ which is a question about a Television show, usually ones that 30-40 year old+ listeners would remember. for example from the last show I seen recorded the question was, ‘what was the name of the college in The Young Ones’ this was one of the more modern shows. another feature is ‘The Voice’ which is a short piece about events and opportunities in the local area; Eg: A charity fundraiser. there is also the ‘2012 Soul Spot’ this is Two soul tracks at 20 minutes to 12 every broadcast and also the ‘Two by Who?’ which is two tracks from a listeners requested artist. ‘Eg: two tracks from U2’

as well as the above Des tries to encourage listening audience participation by accepting requests and shout outs and by reading out people’s answers to the teaser question. He also talks about any strange news stories that have been brought to his attention from admin or the news. occasionally Des will also give out interviews, recently on the show he had an interview with a Corby Councilor that covered a wide range of topics and lasted over 20 minutes.

I was impressed by the way des interacted with his ‘virtual’ audience, whenever I told him a comment someone had sent by the phone, he seemed to know who would have said it before I gave a name, showing that they are probably his regualars.

Corby Radio Update and a few other bits and bobs.

Busy, busy,busy,busy…..Breath.

I’d love to say i’ve had loads of time off work to chill read those media books and sit down and give loads of feedback, I’d love to…but I can’t. My paid work and work experience have taken up a lot of my time this summer, although it’s looking like I’ll now be able to manage the rest of the summer tasks a bit easier over the next few weeks….apart from possibly the studio recording piece, I manged to get a ticket to James Corden’s new show ‘A league of their own’ but was unable to get the time of work, due to the limited time that I managed to discover I had a seat before the show. I was also offered a ticket to ‘the wright stuff’ on Monday but unfortunately had to turn that down for similar reasons.

The League of their own ticket I couldn’t use

With that all being said aswell, It’s been way too long since I updated my dozens (or couple) of readers of what I’ve been up to at Corby Radio.

So a lot has happened recently at Corby Radio recently, since the last report I have covered the community news on the station for a week, covered the local football and go on some more on the scene reporting. I’ll talk about each of these in detail.

  • Community news

2 weeks ago now (jeez I really have left wordpress for too long) The news editor for Corby Radio; Stewart, took a week’s holiday, during that time Des asked me and another person on work experience called Gary to do a number of community news bulletins throughout the day, these would appear on the station at 1pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Now the first day of this could NOT have been more eventful, I arrived at about 9 on Tuesday morning to find that Gary had already started on the reports, however as this was our first time, we found that this took a lot longer than it should have, I left Gary to do the mixing and editing, but I decided to do that myself for the later reports, We had to investigate the stories we used and if possible get our own voxpox, Stewart was helpful in giving us some sound clips to use for stories that we needed to report on, on the Tuesday and Wednesday and a number of websites in which we could get some news from. We finally got everything sorted for the rest of the day and then what’dya know….WE HAD A POWERCUT 😦 I had to leave the station soon after this, but I heard that our stories were able to go on the air at their scheduled times.

For the rest of the week, we decided between myself and Gary to do each report ourselves rather than half and half each as we felt it sounded better. beyond that all I can say is that I really enjoyed it and coped with it quite well beyond the first day.

  • Football Reporting/Live on air

a few days before the community news I was asked to head down to corby S & L to see them take on Soham Town Rangers in an FA Cup qualifying game, report on the game at regular intervals for Stewart to update his listeners and then to give a Live report after the game, now everything I had done before (and at this point since) on the radio had been pre-recorded so this was a nerve wracking thought, I was given teamsheets for the teams BUT…no numbers, Disaster.

With no numbers I had absolutely no idea who was who in each of the teams, I was fortunate enough with S&L that I could ask members of the home crowd so that helped me enough to get by, oh if you are interested the game ended up 2-1 to the home side.

now when it came to the live report, I was asked to give a report on the game 10 mins after the game, I gathered all my notes and came up with a few bullet-points of points I wanted to talk about and I felt I had it setup very well, however, when I came on air, Stewart had prepared a Q & A setup rather than for me to give a full report like I had prepared for, This shown how important small matters can be in preparation for Live radio as I stumbled a bit to try and get every detail in and I managed to miss an injury report for an S&L player, however for my first time, I felt it went on fairly well.

  • On the scene reporting

For this I’ve only done another two since the last report (excluding the football) this was another set of school going, this time for the GCSE results, which was again interesting and another was for a local charity campaign the report is available here. this piece was recorded, slightly edited and on air  within 15 minutes being recorded.

besides the above I have mainly been just writing the scripts for the radio and researching stories for use, I return on Monday and hoepfully you won’t have to wait to long for an update on this, or any of the other summer tasks.

til’ next time internet.

P.S Because of my schedule I’ve still not been able to see ‘Scott Pilgram Vs The World’. To say I’m upset by that would be an understatement

Corby Radio Thus Far

As mentioned in my previous post, I have started doing some voluntarily work experience at my local radio station Corby Radio.

So far I have mainly been practicing writing stories to be read on air,  practicing editing sound  and tuning my radio voice. However on Thursday I managed to get my voice on air.

Me and a couple other members of the team went along with Stewart who is in charge of the news at the radio, to interview staff and students of the local schools because of the A-Level results that were released that day. I recorded two interviews which were used for the report. The Report is available to listen to here (my part is about 1/2 way through). We edited this together using ‘Cool Cut Pro’.

Thus far I had learnt a lot about how to report a radio story, How to write one and a lot of tips on making sound…sound better (admittedly one of my Achilles heel’s in my first year of uni)

Earlier today, I recorded a report about Corby’s Walk to the moon project, which was broadcast at 2.30pm today. I have also been asked if I can do part of next weeks pre-recorded news reports as cover for Stewarts usual pieces and also possibly find my way onto the sports show on Saturdays, however anything I do with the radio I have to organize around my paid work at a local shop.

For research for the next few days however I have been asked to listen to more radio and quick reports to hear how other people report stories.

‘although made for TV 60 seconds has many of the themes used in hourly radio news reports’

I feel I have done well so far in my experience and am happy to have had my voice on the radio and although so far I have not been perfect with everything (time of silence, tone, nerves and sound levels are still issues for me) I am more determined than ever to join the university’s station come Year 2 and am looking to enjoy the rest of my time with Corby Radio