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Radio Quiz

Above is my groups Radio project, the project has also been uploaded to Vimeo. But I will now explain the process over the last week or so that lead to this.

Last Tuesday we had our interim critque where our script and running order were looked into, We were given positive feedback for where our show was at that point, we shown the script which was posted in my last 262MC post, That day we also recorded our soundbites for the second round, we spent a while discussing what we would get them to answer for the round and then recorded the piece on Jambo’s sound recorder, we decided to go with this rather than the radio studio as we wanted to make it sound like we did get the sound from elsewhere (their home or via telephone etc) we defiantly didn’t want it to sound like it was recorded in the same room as Jim’s bit. We then spent the next two days practicing and were happy were we were apart from a few minor changes which were reflected in our script


The major concern we had was for our ‘sound’ I tried to gain original sounds that would suit a radio one esque vibe, I used the who wants to be a millionaire sound as an example but i wanted something slightly more light hearted, however we couldn’t get sounds that suited this feel in time, So we made the decision to go w/ retro video games sounds as it added to the light hearted side of the quiz which was emphasized in the non-prize that was the dairy milk bar.

On the day of recording itself, we ran into a few problems with sounds, the sounds we got from the on the move recording were much louder than we anticipated and adam’s was distorted at the start, we did what we could with it, but it was impossible to fully sort out this problem, we also had an error in the script which I failed to change which caused an error in our first couple of attmepts,

we recorded the show about 5 times, our last 2 were nearly flawless, I ended up using the final recording for the edit, there was very little for me to rectify and most of what was edited was just gaps between jambo being silent and the jingles or songs starting.

all in all I’m very happy with this piece, I feel I got a great group to work with, I feel that any problems we had we’d take on well as a team rather than leave it all to one person and I personally was glad to have a much bigger voice in this production than what I had in both TV studio projects.

Feedback on my radio piece is greatly appreciated I realize there are faults and I wish Jim got a question wrong so we could get our antagonist host some more chances to show that off.

Til next time wordpress.


Back to square one?

On Tuesday we had our group meeting with Karen in the Ellen Terry Basement, as usual, we disscussed the in’s and out’s of our current quiz structure, essentially we were put back, for it being too similar to the weakest link, which to be honest I kind of agree with (even if i believe originally it would have just been a jeopardy clone but aw well) we were also told we did not have enough rounds set up for the show, even if we weren’t planning to film them all, we should have them prepared for the format structure. She seemed to be dissapointed that we’d shunned off the idea of filming a show based around the game operation as she felt that had potential, but we felt would be impossible to film, particularly with deadlines fast approaching.

With Karen’s guidance we decided to go down the route of a general quiz show where the audience helps decide who go’s through, now this wasn’t a bad idea, but someone had the idea of all the contestants being somehow related to each other (I had the idea of Co-workers) and was disappointed that our group didn’t consider this option beyond a quick listen, The idea of the show is that contestants start as a team and then have to dispatch their teammates so they can win the full prize themselves, imagine the added pressure and drama if the contestants had to meet up with each other again on a Monday morning at work? could that change the gameplay? could it make some interesting TV and drama? I thought yes. but I suppose my group disagreed.

We have two rough titles for the show, these are ‘Power to the people’ and ‘Mob Rules’ We had a group discussion in the common room after wards where we discussed things such as set designs, etc… in all honesty i kinda left people to it I chipped in where I could, but set design is certainly one of my weakest skills in media production, I agreed to the suggested podiums admitting it’s how I imagined the stands in my head, but beyond that I felt Rochelle and the others would be better off taking more of a role on this aspect. We also presented our questions today via facebook, sorry again that I can’t show my questions and research but I don’t want any of our contestants to see…sorry wordpress.

In reflection of today, I felt that things have taken a turn for the better in our production, however there are still many steps we need to take, I feel comfortable in my role, I just hope that I can make more of an impact beyond my designated camera role over the next week and a bit.

Formats Production So Far…

Over the summer we were given a choice of which module we would like to do this term, ‘Sound’ ‘Documentary’ or ‘Formats’ I decided to go with formats…on Tuesday 12/10/2010, I settled in for my first lecture.

During this lecture, items were discussed and videos were shown to help us to try and understand why certian TV and Radio formats were successful, particually in the panel show and quiz variety. we watched a clip of Deal Or No Deal’s first ever $1,000,000 winner and tried to understand, how a show where no skill is apparent and in fact all the contestants really ‘do’ is open boxes be so successful that it has spawned remakes the world over. The answer that we came to is that the show (as well as many others inc: X Factor) rely on the ‘human’ aspect of the show, it is more a one off drama about this person’s wants. needs and opportunity’s than it is about the game, in fact i’d argue the game is just a way of getting an extreme reaction from a person, these can vary for sheer jubilation to humiliation and depression. Games like ‘GoldenBalls’ also add in an aspect of betrayal into this by pitting the two contestant’s ‘trust’ against each other at the end.

I posted this video on Facebook as well and below are a secletion of the responses the video provoked, this shows that these type of programmes can raise a lot of emotion, not only from the contestants but from the audience aswell

We were then asked what role we would like to do this year, I went for ‘Vision Mixer’ again. As you may know I did this role for ‘The Gents Show’ last year and really enjoyed it, however my competition was tough, I had another 4 people going for that role and there was only 2 positions available, I failed to gain this role, the primary reason I was told was that I did the role last year, which I decided was fair enough and set my sights on doing camera work.

We were then put into a group, I was placed in Group A and we would work out who would be in all the remaining positions (the positions taken so far were ‘director’, ‘producers’, ‘Vision Mixer’ and ‘Presenters’ as mentioned before, I decided to go for camera there was 4 of us going for the role of camera but only 3 cameras available, again there would have to be a discussion, however instead of the lecturers this time, it was left down to my group. We all left the room as our group came to a decision, when I returned, I discovered I was offered the role of Camera 3, In my opinion the best of the 3 cameras at least in past experiences.

we then had a practice session and decided to meet up again on thursday to discuss any ideas we had for the task we’d been given, this was to create a ‘Quiz’ Show for TV and Radio, this large group was the TV group, however I also organized a group with Sam Soane and James Dann which will come into more action in the middle of November once the TV quiz is finished.

On the thursday we met up in the common room to discuss what ideas we’d like to make into a show, we seemed to go down the idea of a movie quiz show and would discuss it further on tuesday…unfortunatly I was ill on tuesday and failed to make it into university that day, but as far as I’m aware the idea was shot down and the group decided to change it, when I met the group up again on thursday I discovered the game had morphed into a show based ‘loosely’ on the game show Jeopardy, but I decided to add a twist into inspired slightly by ‘In It To Win It’ on BBC1, I will do my best to explain my variation of  the rules of our show below:

  • Three Contestants work as a team in Round 1 to build up as much money into a pot as possible
  • Contestants have a choice of 6 catergories each with 5 levels of difficulty
  • The higher the rate of difficulty the more the question is worth, ranging from 200-400-600-800-1000
  • If a contestant attempts a question and get’s the question correct, then the number is added to the pot
  • If a contestant attempts a question and get’s the question incorrect then the number is subtracted from the pot – unless the pot is Zero in which case the pot stays at zero

there are two different endings we have for this round, one is that whoever puts in the most ‘share’ into the pot takes the lot (e.g: C1 puts in £800, C2 puts in £200 and C3 puts in £1,400… C3 would win the entire £2,400 pot) or alternatively the ‘after the break round’ which would not be filmed would be a 3-way fight for the entire pot. meaning the (forgive me please) ‘Weakest Link’ would still have a chance of taking all the money…I’m going to something I’ve never done on this blog before and place a poll, please let me know which idea you prefer to end the show on, bear in mind that the 2nd round probably won’t be filmed…

I’ve been tasked with coming up with 20 questions for this show 10 in the field of music and 10 in the field of general knowledge, 10- because we will be filming multiple takes of this show and don’t want the contestants to feel they know the answer in 2nd or 3rd takes. I would place the questions on the blog but I’m worried the contestants on the show may read them, so you will have to wait to see them until after filming i’m afraid.

Until next time wordpress.