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Radio Quiz

Above is my groups Radio project, the project has also been uploaded to Vimeo. But I will now explain the process over the last week or so that lead to this.

Last Tuesday we had our interim critque where our script and running order were looked into, We were given positive feedback for where our show was at that point, we shown the script which was posted in my last 262MC post, That day we also recorded our soundbites for the second round, we spent a while discussing what we would get them to answer for the round and then recorded the piece on Jambo’s sound recorder, we decided to go with this rather than the radio studio as we wanted to make it sound like we did get the sound from elsewhere (their home or via telephone etc) we defiantly didn’t want it to sound like it was recorded in the same room as Jim’s bit. We then spent the next two days practicing and were happy were we were apart from a few minor changes which were reflected in our script


The major concern we had was for our ‘sound’ I tried to gain original sounds that would suit a radio one esque vibe, I used the who wants to be a millionaire sound as an example but i wanted something slightly more light hearted, however we couldn’t get sounds that suited this feel in time, So we made the decision to go w/ retro video games sounds as it added to the light hearted side of the quiz which was emphasized in the non-prize that was the dairy milk bar.

On the day of recording itself, we ran into a few problems with sounds, the sounds we got from the on the move recording were much louder than we anticipated and adam’s was distorted at the start, we did what we could with it, but it was impossible to fully sort out this problem, we also had an error in the script which I failed to change which caused an error in our first couple of attmepts,

we recorded the show about 5 times, our last 2 were nearly flawless, I ended up using the final recording for the edit, there was very little for me to rectify and most of what was edited was just gaps between jambo being silent and the jingles or songs starting.

all in all I’m very happy with this piece, I feel I got a great group to work with, I feel that any problems we had we’d take on well as a team rather than leave it all to one person and I personally was glad to have a much bigger voice in this production than what I had in both TV studio projects.

Feedback on my radio piece is greatly appreciated I realize there are faults and I wish Jim got a question wrong so we could get our antagonist host some more chances to show that off.

Til next time wordpress.


TV Feedback and Radio Ideas.

On tuesday I arrived in lecture prepared for our show to finally get it’s premier (beyond our group on our facebook group wall) I was quite happy with the finished product, Whilst not perfect I felt that lighting and Graphics were really well done and  have to complement those involved i both as the suited the show well, I’d have liked to have seen more graphics to be honest, but conidering the timescale, I think that the graphics were outstanding. I was happy with how the show was recieved by our viewers, there were still things I would change, but I was very happy with the final project.

After the viewing we went down to the basement to discuss ideas for our radio show, it’s worth mentioning I am in a group with Samantha Soane and James Dann. I went into the group meeting with Three rough ideas in my head which are explained below:

  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers- this would have been a film quiz, celebrating the weird and wonderful qoutations of movies, I was planning on getting the host to say film quotes in a weird out of context style for the contestant to guess the original actor or film the qoutation apperaed in..this would be mixed with general film quiz questions and possibly a guess the film score round.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss – This a quiz based around the idea of getting quiz questions WRONG, it is looesly based on a quiz game I’ve played a few times which I believe was called ‘Loser Takes All’ where the player would be presneted a number of multiple choice questions and the player would need to choose the wrong answer…not as easy as it sounds. the game starts off easy with questions such as for example: what sport do the team ‘Manchester United’ play? Football or darts and then would progress into more and more difficult qustions which are not easily answerable leaving the contestant to guess and probably get confused.
  • The Pub Quiz – This was based on the idea of basing the sound and feel of a pub quiz onto a radio show, I had round ideas and sounds I could use for it, however I felt that this could be a it too generic.

In the group meeting my group were happy with the ignorance is bliss idea, but decided to expand the idea, We came up with a second round where the contestant would have to guess which of his/her friends said what about them…e.g the host would say who said that you’re a funny drunk? and then the contestant would have to guess from 3 friends that were announced at the start of the round. We also have a final round where the contestant will have to guess what song is being played…backwards.

We decided that the host with have to be an antagonist host (or as we coined it ‘Bastard Judge’) and he would be a person the audience would side against as the rounds seem either unfair or are desigined to get a reaction from the contestants. We decided Jambo would be able to present this role best so have put him down for presenter. We also need to do realistic prizes so for the moment we are going with the contesant starting off with a choclate bar, but for every question the player gets wrong, the host will eat a piece of chocolate to make him seem even more of an evil host.

To summerise I’m very happy with how my radio show is shaping up, i’m really excited to get practicing in the studios again 🙂