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Professional Experience: ‘Blind Faith’

Earlier today I took part in a Television pilot for a show being pitched for ‘BBC3’ called ‘Blind Faith’ the idea of the show is a sort of mix between ‘Blind date’ and ‘X Factor’ where the judges are not aware of the ‘look’ of the contestants and can ‘only’ judge contestants on their singing ability rather than their look and/or their marketability.

For this production which we filmed in The Ellen Terry building, I was a camera operator, occasionally switching between cameras 2 and 3 my main focus was on getting the shots of the contestants, on camera 3 I would have a head to toe shot of the contestant singing and camera 2 would be focusing on a close-up of the singer, Camera 1 (which I never touched) was focusing primarily on the judges.

the filming took about 2 hours after a few days notice for planning. We managed to get a few contestants to appear on the shoot, but the whole thing felt a bit rushed, we were short on staff hence why I was in control of 2 cameras at times and it was also suggested that some of the crew would need to ‘sing’ on the show due to small amount of contestants, (thankfully that didn’t happen) The footage we acquired will be edited later in the week, hopefully I can get involved in the editing aspect of this project.

In reflection I felt the project was a bit rushed and could have done with a bit more planning, however it was good to be able to work with somebody who has had experience in formats production before and also worked in BBC television and sport. I feel that if this was done again in the future we could make a more professional job out of this with more cast and crew.