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Privacy, Inequallity and other words ending in y.

above is my group’s video on the subject on ‘inequality’ essentially, what we did was ask people to empty their pockets and talk about what the items mean to them, but also how uni is for them, we then decided to leave as little explanation in the video as possible so that the audience could make their own minds up about a person’s class and economic situation, as this is more striking than anyone giving opinions or even the person in question commenting on it. We didn’t aim to answer any questions in this video, the aim was to get the audience to think of new questions.

Which is where my idea for a debate comes in…Privacy.

Do you consider yourself a private person? Do you take your privacy into consideration, particularly online? Do you think the world should be a lot more open?

I’m not asking you to answer these questions but instead what I am asking is for you to think about the consequences a completely ‘open’ internet can cause. Think in theory here, but here’s an extreme example but suppose you made a comment on facebook about somebody, doesn’t matter whether you have them on your friends list of even if you have friends of friends and it was negative and you have your privacy set to open (which a good number of users do) now suppose I searched my name on google or facebook (a handy thing for a company to do reguallry by the way) and see your comment, what would be the ramifications of this?

this is an extreme situation, but i’ve heard of strange but true stories involving internet privacy in the past, but with the way that we are all becoming computer litterate now and everything on the internet being accessible in less than a second on google, is it crazy to think that a lot of people don’t understand the ramifications the internet can have on one’s social, family and working life, don’t be too surprised to hear that a company you applied to work out searched your name on google, if the first image result was a picture of you with a bottle of ‘Biccardi Breezer’ don’t be too surprised if you fail to get a job.

What would I do to raise this issue via film? I’d do a similar film to the one above but i’d also consider a more destructive apporach, I have an idea of getting somebody high up in a company (I.E able to hire and fire) and get them to determine job employability based on someone’s ‘Online Persona’ I reckon it could make an interesting documentary and could re get people to focus on the damage their online life could cause.

I hope you, the reader understand that I am focusing on just a single branch of this complicated subject tree, there are many other routes I could do down, but I feel this could make an interesting piece if I can make it in the future.