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Professional Experience Update.

Because it’s been a bit too long since I updated what’s been going on with my Professional experience oppurtunites, I thought it’d be worth writing a post explaing what’s going on at the moment. some may say I haven’t done this in a while as I’ve been too busy and simply neglected to stop and reflect (well I certainly do) but here we go, here’s what is in the pipeline for this module, what i’m doing, what problems I have and how I feel it can help me in the future.


This one has been in the works for a while and most of ‘my’ money has been paid for it, so this one is defiantly happening, however as a group we’ve struggling with finance and our trying to get a number of fund-rasing activities started. I’m working on the film ‘accidental seduction’ as a camera operator I’ve been practicing for it using the JVC700 and The Canon 8D’s I will be filming alongside Matt Riddle with Sam Soane as my DOP and Sean Keany as Director. much, much more on this between now and the end of February.

West Midlands Police

This is a video I will hopefully be filming alongside Sam Davies, Gergana Todorova and Kayleigh Gleeson. We will be doing a film on theft and robbery in the Coventry area which is hopefully a fresh twist on a common issue. A meeting has taken place between the group and the police and we are currently at brainstorming stages, this should be picking up the pace come the start of next term.

Coventry University M-Pro Website

This project seems interesting as it could help me to build up my web skills and possibly my photoshop aswell, I’ve had a few discussions with Pete Woodbridge about the site for the moment and hopefully will have a full idea of what’s going on in the near future.

Filming for The FA

This was a meeting I had just yesterday, the task is to create a 10 minute video covering a wide variety of issues and locations that will be released on a DVD and put on the FA’s website. Now there’s some things that need changing in this project in my opinion but these will be discussed in a meeting on Tuesday. I feel this could be a very good project for me as it is a great organization to have on my future show reel and CV.

The CVTV Project

Got to say I’ve not heard anything from this in a while, I put my name down as one of the editors for this one, but I’m in the dark about what exactly is going on with this project, depending on when editing is I may have to withdraw from this project, but I hope i’ll still be able to get involved.


as mentioned before my CV is updated and I plan to send it out nationwide over the Xmas holidays and hopefully hear back from a couple of places, WordPress will be the first to know if I hear anything. apart from that I will be getting in touch with Corby Radio again soon to see about more work experience in the near future and over Easter.

all in all you can see I’m pretty busy, best get started on my other modules.


Professional Experience: ‘Blind Faith’

Earlier today I took part in a Television pilot for a show being pitched for ‘BBC3’ called ‘Blind Faith’ the idea of the show is a sort of mix between ‘Blind date’ and ‘X Factor’ where the judges are not aware of the ‘look’ of the contestants and can ‘only’ judge contestants on their singing ability rather than their look and/or their marketability.

For this production which we filmed in The Ellen Terry building, I was a camera operator, occasionally switching between cameras 2 and 3 my main focus was on getting the shots of the contestants, on camera 3 I would have a head to toe shot of the contestant singing and camera 2 would be focusing on a close-up of the singer, Camera 1 (which I never touched) was focusing primarily on the judges.

the filming took about 2 hours after a few days notice for planning. We managed to get a few contestants to appear on the shoot, but the whole thing felt a bit rushed, we were short on staff hence why I was in control of 2 cameras at times and it was also suggested that some of the crew would need to ‘sing’ on the show due to small amount of contestants, (thankfully that didn’t happen) The footage we acquired will be edited later in the week, hopefully I can get involved in the editing aspect of this project.

In reflection I felt the project was a bit rushed and could have done with a bit more planning, however it was good to be able to work with somebody who has had experience in formats production before and also worked in BBC television and sport. I feel that if this was done again in the future we could make a more professional job out of this with more cast and crew.

Corby Radio Thus Far

As mentioned in my previous post, I have started doing some voluntarily work experience at my local radio station Corby Radio.

So far I have mainly been practicing writing stories to be read on air,  practicing editing sound  and tuning my radio voice. However on Thursday I managed to get my voice on air.

Me and a couple other members of the team went along with Stewart who is in charge of the news at the radio, to interview staff and students of the local schools because of the A-Level results that were released that day. I recorded two interviews which were used for the report. The Report is available to listen to here (my part is about 1/2 way through). We edited this together using ‘Cool Cut Pro’.

Thus far I had learnt a lot about how to report a radio story, How to write one and a lot of tips on making sound…sound better (admittedly one of my Achilles heel’s in my first year of uni)

Earlier today, I recorded a report about Corby’s Walk to the moon project, which was broadcast at 2.30pm today. I have also been asked if I can do part of next weeks pre-recorded news reports as cover for Stewarts usual pieces and also possibly find my way onto the sports show on Saturdays, however anything I do with the radio I have to organize around my paid work at a local shop.

For research for the next few days however I have been asked to listen to more radio and quick reports to hear how other people report stories.

‘although made for TV 60 seconds has many of the themes used in hourly radio news reports’

I feel I have done well so far in my experience and am happy to have had my voice on the radio and although so far I have not been perfect with everything (time of silence, tone, nerves and sound levels are still issues for me) I am more determined than ever to join the university’s station come Year 2 and am looking to enjoy the rest of my time with Corby Radio