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Corby Radio – Show Recording

As mentioned before, I’ve been having problems getting to go to a TV or a Radio shoot, or at least a big one anyways. I managed to get a few tickets, but they always seemed to be at a pretty bad time for me, which has been frustrating and unfortunate. However I have seen Dozens of shows being broadcast Live during my work experience at Corby Radio, Obviously this doesn’t have a live audience (besides a few admin staff and news workers) but it’s at least something to talk about, I’m still applying for tickets and will hopefully be able to go to a TV shoot soon, but until then here are my thoughts on the broadcast and preparation for ‘The Corby Journal’ on Corby Radio.

The Corby Journal is a morning show broadcast on Corby Radio between 10am and ending at 1pm it is preceded by Andy Coupland’s breakfast show and followed by ‘The Mystery Year’ which is a number of tracks played after each other from one single year. The journal is hosted by Des Barber, who also runs Corby Radio. The show has a number of different features that occur in each broadcast, these include ‘The Teatime Teaser’ which is a question about a Television show, usually ones that 30-40 year old+ listeners would remember. for example from the last show I seen recorded the question was, ‘what was the name of the college in The Young Ones’ this was one of the more modern shows. another feature is ‘The Voice’ which is a short piece about events and opportunities in the local area; Eg: A charity fundraiser. there is also the ‘2012 Soul Spot’ this is Two soul tracks at 20 minutes to 12 every broadcast and also the ‘Two by Who?’ which is two tracks from a listeners requested artist. ‘Eg: two tracks from U2’

as well as the above Des tries to encourage listening audience participation by accepting requests and shout outs and by reading out people’s answers to the teaser question. He also talks about any strange news stories that have been brought to his attention from admin or the news. occasionally Des will also give out interviews, recently on the show he had an interview with a Corby Councilor that covered a wide range of topics and lasted over 20 minutes.

I was impressed by the way des interacted with his ‘virtual’ audience, whenever I told him a comment someone had sent by the phone, he seemed to know who would have said it before I gave a name, showing that they are probably his regualars.


Corby Radio Thus Far

As mentioned in my previous post, I have started doing some voluntarily work experience at my local radio station Corby Radio.

So far I have mainly been practicing writing stories to be read on air,  practicing editing sound  and tuning my radio voice. However on Thursday I managed to get my voice on air.

Me and a couple other members of the team went along with Stewart who is in charge of the news at the radio, to interview staff and students of the local schools because of the A-Level results that were released that day. I recorded two interviews which were used for the report. The Report is available to listen to here (my part is about 1/2 way through). We edited this together using ‘Cool Cut Pro’.

Thus far I had learnt a lot about how to report a radio story, How to write one and a lot of tips on making sound…sound better (admittedly one of my Achilles heel’s in my first year of uni)

Earlier today, I recorded a report about Corby’s Walk to the moon project, which was broadcast at 2.30pm today. I have also been asked if I can do part of next weeks pre-recorded news reports as cover for Stewarts usual pieces and also possibly find my way onto the sports show on Saturdays, however anything I do with the radio I have to organize around my paid work at a local shop.

For research for the next few days however I have been asked to listen to more radio and quick reports to hear how other people report stories.

‘although made for TV 60 seconds has many of the themes used in hourly radio news reports’

I feel I have done well so far in my experience and am happy to have had my voice on the radio and although so far I have not been perfect with everything (time of silence, tone, nerves and sound levels are still issues for me) I am more determined than ever to join the university’s station come Year 2 and am looking to enjoy the rest of my time with Corby Radio

Corby Radio

Over the summer, I have done many interesting things, but earlier today I went over to The connaughty centre where Corby Radio is broadcast to see about doing some work experience during the remainder of the summer holidays.
I spoke to Des and Stewart who decided to put me on a radio scripting session.
What I will be doing whenever I get an opportunity to help is to help write news scripts for Stewart to read during the hourly news updates, with a view at possibly reading the news myself depending on how good I sound on air.

Please keep an eye on this blog for further updates.