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Cabinet Of Curiosities

The Term ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ was used in generations gone by to describe personal collections of items that interested the people collecting them.

The following is my very own cabinet of curiosities consisting of a collection of different media which has influenced me in some way, be it positive or negative.

MusicThe above image is to represent the influence that music has had over me throughout my life, (slightly ironic because I am unable to play a musical instrument well) Music has influenced me a lot, some effects were revealed to me in an obvious way, such as the way i dressed, My blog title (Unnatural selection by Muse Lyrics) and to a certain extent the people i hung around with at an earlier age. Others were slightly less obvious such as looks into over cultures and viewpoints which have been presented by the artists in question. I consider myself to have a wide and varied music taste ( Music has changed the world for example without it being as popular as it is, I doubt that there would be such a thing as celebrity culture in today’s society, another great thing about music is it’s effect on technology. From the origin of the Vinyl to the iPod Touch, many inventions have been created with music in mind. Going back 20 years ago it’d be ridiculous to think that one would be able to fit their entire Record/Cassette/CD collection on something less than the size of a passport case. (or if they had a fairly small collection something the size of a key as the iPod shuffle has shown us)

Linkin Park - Music

The above image is one i took on one of the many gigs I have been to and represents my influence by photography and video taken with one camera by amateurs, The image above was taken of Linkin Park at the MK bowl in 2008. Images like this at gigs and events mean a lot to me over professional photos, as I feel that these types of photos give you a different perspective which you can not get from a professional photo shot or video shot. For example this concert was released on DVD but i feel I have spent more time watching amateur Video footage of the concert such as this: over the professional soulless view given in the DVD. Of course there have been many professional photographers and video shoots which work well for music but this is my opinion for this particular concert.

The above video is designed to represent my absolute hatred for basic and nasty advertisements. This possibly the most famous example in the U.K but there are also great examples from Safestyle UK (“You know the one, You Buy One You Get One Free”) and Finish. Sometimes i find it hard to believe that these adverts are released as if anything they have put me off buying the products rather than do their intended jobs of making me want to purchase them. Advertising is a necessarily piece of today’s entertainment culture, but sometimes the work is a genuine pleasure to watch if some thought has gone into it.  OK i assume a bigger budget had gone into the making of the advertisement but the idea is there and it gets the viewer a great sense of what they can do with a PC or Laptop, There are also advertisements made on much less of a budget such as The governments campaign against binge drinking This advertisement is fairly simple but gets it’s message through clear without the need to shout it (as Barry Scott would) at the viewer.

I hope the above has proved to be an interesting insight into my media likes/dislikes and influences.