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Ok, so for those of you that have seen the film, WOAH! It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a major blockbuster that geniuenly left me with such shock and surprise, The acting was great, the special effects were amazing and the script for the most part was brilliant with no major plot holes that I could see on my first viewing, even if the twist that Dom planted that idea in his wife’s head was way too easy to predict, but the main talk amongst movie critics before the movie came out and now, is ‘Are the common movie going public prepared for this?’

Now, I can understand the reasoning for why people would question this, sure people like movies that make them think now and again, but they don’t usually make Hollywood blockbusters, particularly in the midst of the summer ‘allbeit this is the weakest summer film season in years’ and when you consider the typical garbage that can make millions, you can see why people may look down on the common movie going public in the same way a lot of people (I’ll admit myself included) can occasionally look down on the common Music single buying public.

That doesn’t make it right to believe that the vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to follow the plotline because mr and mrs average wouldn’t be able to listen for 20 minutes while people explain things and that the film would flop because people wouldn’t ‘get it’ I’m happy to say that the sound I heard in the cinema at the end of this film was the same sound that is being heard in cinemas across the world and that was a wide variety of gasps and groans, but not in a bad way, these people for the most part went on to talk about the film and how they thought it had ended, it gave people a lot to think about, this could have ended horribly if people didn’t ‘get’ the story, this ending could have easily been met with disgruntled moans and boos.

I guess the point i’m trying to get at is, I think that the movie going majority have surprised Hollywood here, I think we may be start to see a rise in intelligent blockbusters, I’ve grown bored of tired, average and predictable blockbusters (see ‘Clash of the titans’, ‘Robin Hood’, ‘Prince Of Persia’ and on hind-sight in terms of the story ‘Avatar’ as well) and as a closuer I’d like to praise Christopher Nolan for a job well done in creating this film and I hope that oscar nominees await this film in many departments.

P.S: I feel disgusted I have yet to watch ‘Memento’

P.P.S: Oh, if anyone from the academy reads this, Oscar Nominations for Toy Story 3 aswell please, as that was awesome too.