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My piece

I decided to do my piece by following the guidelines set out by my manifesto and also by using influences by pre-existing movement ‘Adbusters’, in the past they have taken advertisement billboard space to promote ironic advertisements against the big corporations, particually Nike and McDonalds.

I decided to use this as an influence for my project as, I thought that I could take this influence into the online world, and attack a place where it is perfectly legal to write on another persons wall…Facebook

I went with this as I felt that a lot of people do not take the details they share on facebook under enough consideration and many do not realise that the data they put on facebook doesn’t belong to them anymore, instead it belongs to facebook, who knows how damaging that could be for a person, particularly an artist that wishes to show their drawings or an inventor wanting to share an idea, nothing is stopping this site from taking that info and using it for their own personal gain.

below is my own ‘adbusters’ style take on the facebook home page, it’s nothing impressive artistically, but i hope it gets the point across.