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Corby Radio Update and a few other bits and bobs.

Busy, busy,busy,busy…..Breath.

I’d love to say i’ve had loads of time off work to chill read those media books and sit down and give loads of feedback, I’d love to…but I can’t. My paid work and work experience have taken up a lot of my time this summer, although it’s looking like I’ll now be able to manage the rest of the summer tasks a bit easier over the next few weeks….apart from possibly the studio recording piece, I manged to get a ticket to James Corden’s new show ‘A league of their own’ but was unable to get the time of work, due to the limited time that I managed to discover I had a seat before the show. I was also offered a ticket to ‘the wright stuff’ on Monday but unfortunately had to turn that down for similar reasons.

The League of their own ticket I couldn’t use

With that all being said aswell, It’s been way too long since I updated my dozens (or couple) of readers of what I’ve been up to at Corby Radio.

So a lot has happened recently at Corby Radio recently, since the last report I have covered the community news on the station for a week, covered the local football and go on some more on the scene reporting. I’ll talk about each of these in detail.

  • Community news

2 weeks ago now (jeez I really have left wordpress for too long) The news editor for Corby Radio; Stewart, took a week’s holiday, during that time Des asked me and another person on work experience called Gary to do a number of community news bulletins throughout the day, these would appear on the station at 1pm, 4:30pm and 5:30pm. Now the first day of this could NOT have been more eventful, I arrived at about 9 on Tuesday morning to find that Gary had already started on the reports, however as this was our first time, we found that this took a lot longer than it should have, I left Gary to do the mixing and editing, but I decided to do that myself for the later reports, We had to investigate the stories we used and if possible get our own voxpox, Stewart was helpful in giving us some sound clips to use for stories that we needed to report on, on the Tuesday and Wednesday and a number of websites in which we could get some news from. We finally got everything sorted for the rest of the day and then what’dya know….WE HAD A POWERCUT 😦 I had to leave the station soon after this, but I heard that our stories were able to go on the air at their scheduled times.

For the rest of the week, we decided between myself and Gary to do each report ourselves rather than half and half each as we felt it sounded better. beyond that all I can say is that I really enjoyed it and coped with it quite well beyond the first day.

  • Football Reporting/Live on air

a few days before the community news I was asked to head down to corby S & L to see them take on Soham Town Rangers in an FA Cup qualifying game, report on the game at regular intervals for Stewart to update his listeners and then to give a Live report after the game, now everything I had done before (and at this point since) on the radio had been pre-recorded so this was a nerve wracking thought, I was given teamsheets for the teams BUT…no numbers, Disaster.

With no numbers I had absolutely no idea who was who in each of the teams, I was fortunate enough with S&L that I could ask members of the home crowd so that helped me enough to get by, oh if you are interested the game ended up 2-1 to the home side.

now when it came to the live report, I was asked to give a report on the game 10 mins after the game, I gathered all my notes and came up with a few bullet-points of points I wanted to talk about and I felt I had it setup very well, however, when I came on air, Stewart had prepared a Q & A setup rather than for me to give a full report like I had prepared for, This shown how important small matters can be in preparation for Live radio as I stumbled a bit to try and get every detail in and I managed to miss an injury report for an S&L player, however for my first time, I felt it went on fairly well.

  • On the scene reporting

For this I’ve only done another two since the last report (excluding the football) this was another set of school going, this time for the GCSE results, which was again interesting and another was for a local charity campaign the report is available here. this piece was recorded, slightly edited and on air  within 15 minutes being recorded.

besides the above I have mainly been just writing the scripts for the radio and researching stories for use, I return on Monday and hoepfully you won’t have to wait to long for an update on this, or any of the other summer tasks.

til’ next time internet.

P.S Because of my schedule I’ve still not been able to see ‘Scott Pilgram Vs The World’. To say I’m upset by that would be an understatement