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‘Talent Scouting’

We were given a horrifying task to begin our new 111mc module. It was to find a person from Coventry to do a documentary about that was NOT a student. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize that I’m not from Coventry and that all the people I know are students. To combat this problem, Me, Sam Davies and James Dann went and searched the streets of Coventry for people who we felt would make a good story and also may be interested. We met some interesting characters, some said they would be interested but the vast majority said “no!” I will focus on one person we met at the ‘Showboat’ casino in the city centre.

Her name is Emma and she was the woman in charge for the day, she seemed curious about our project and expressed her interest, I was intrigued about what her work is like and If she had any horror stories.