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Few photo’s and print screens from ‘Justin Time’ project

The following is a collection of images collected during the ‘Inner ring road’ project for 110mc. the majority of these pictures were taken on Wednesday the 2nd of december.

The above is a print screen from our facebook ‘journey project’ page, this was created after our first group meeting as a means of posting ideas and problems we (as individuals) may be having with the project.this was a private group and only the four members of our group had access to it’s contents.

The above was a quick title sequence i created in my spare time for use in the project, we ended up using an edited version of my original idea as we decided mine had been too long and we wanted the credits at the end rather than at the start.

Natalie fixing adam’s costume

Finished ‘robot’ costume

Group picture consiting of myself, Adam and Phil outside Coventry Cathedral

Group photo with me, Adam and Natalie. Natalie and Adam had just finished acting out the WW2 sequence seen in the finished product.

Me filming Phil and Adam during the 1066 scene