The Work Of Shaun Jacques


Format Questions

  1. What are the ingredients of a quiz format? Compare and contrast 2 quizzes and explore with examples and critical opinion. For this question I shall compare and contrast two popular quiz shows that run on weekdays at roughly the same time on opposing terrestrial channels, these quiz shows are ‘Pointless’ and ‘Deal Or No Deal’ First for anybody unaware of these shows is an explanation of them. ‘Pointless’ “Pointless is a game show shown on BBC Two, hosted by Alexander Armstrong… The object of the game is to score as few points as possible by giving correct answers that the public have not given. The contestants try to look for answers which score no points, which are known as “Pointless” answers.” Essentially this format runs like the vastly popular ‘Family Fortunes’ (or ‘Family Feud’ if you are American) in reverse, so the contestants are rewarded for their obscure knowledge instead of working out the most popular answers. The game is played over 45 minutes on BBC2 usually starting around 4.30pm. sometimes it is in direct competition with Noel Edmounds fronted ‘Deal Or No Deal’.’Deal Or No Deal’

    Deal or no deal is a show usually contested on channel 4 in the UK on weekdays and Saturdays between ten past 4 and 5pm the show is also shown at various times on Sundays and is also repeated on More4 and the +1 channels. The game’s USP is the fact that the show really only contains one real question ‘Deal Or No Deal’ with everything else coming down to chance of the contestants just picking random boxes.

    Now to compare these two. There is no denying the success of Deal Or No Deal, the show has numerous remakes around the world and the U.K version of the show getting an average viewing figure of over 2million viewers today ( but why is it so popular? The show has been criticised for being ‘dumbed down’ television and no one can really say that it makes viewers think too hard, but that’s probably the point, it’s a game that anybody can play along with (safe in the knowledge it’s not there money they’re playing for) it’s also entertaining because the audience is allowed to learn a lot about the contestants that appear on the show and can support them or hope for their failure whilst playing along with the show.

    Pointless isn’t doing too badly for itself either, the show started in 2009 and is currently getting about 2.19mil viewers average ( the show currently has only been branded for British audiences in stark contrast to the internationalisation of Deal or no deal. What differs between this and DOND is that this show does rely on contestants to have knowledge (even if it’s jokingly referred in the game as pointless) but like deal it creates an opportunity for the audience to play along at home. Like Deal or no deal we get to learn a bit about the contestants but certainly not in as great detail. Both shows try to add humour to the show, an both shows do this with the hosts Alex’s sidekick in pointless makes for some entertaining banter with Alex and the contestants while Noel is often raising laughs with contestants and with insults to the anonymous banker. As mentioned both shows are on at the same time and I feel because of this neither wants to ‘provoke’ the audience or make them think ‘too hard’ as many viewers will just be home from a long day working.

  2. Write a programme proposal and running order for your TV and Radio formats. Explain the format behind your format – what makes is playable again and again? Why would audience like this? Where would your format play? For both ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ and ‘prize and prejudice’ we had to think about how the formats could be used over and over again. For Ignorance Is Bliss we wanted to get an antagonist host that the audience would rally against this person would be a proxy for the listeners authority figure in life eg; their boss. This is why we would aim to play it during the drivetime slot in the afternoon as many people would probably want a new target for their vented frustration. I feel the rounds we had also added in audience participation, well at least rounds 1 and 3. Round 2 played off the Deal Or No Deal idea of getting the audience to know the contestants, but also served as an opportunity to build up our host. This show would be playable again and again as people would hopefully tune in each episode to catch somebody get one up on the host. The format would hopefully play on an FM station like Radio 1 during the drivetime slot. For Prize and Prejudice we wanted a friendlier host, we also wanted to get the audience involved in the show by placing control in their hands ‘a’la X factor, they would choose contestants based on their own prejudices so to speak. What makes it playable again and again is the level of interactivity and the option of debate (why did people vote for him, etc…) The format I envisioned playing on Saturday night ITV schedules.
  3. Business –Consider the ways in which production companies use formats to make money. How would your format make you money? Our formats would ideally make money in two different ways. Ignorance would make money based on advertisers revenue from the show and the lack of a mjor budget in running the show in the first place, whereas Prize would earn it from advertising aswell but there is opportunity to market the interactive aspects to sell to new investors and sponsorship, there would also be oppurtunites to market interactive DVD games for example.
  4. Modern Broadcasting. Think about how the main broadcasters are using the web and how audiences are interacting with programmes. How has the phenomenon of interactive TV changed broadcasting and what do you think the (near) future for broadcasting on the web is? How would your format work on the web? Not only do I believe that prize would work on the web, the whole show has been worked out with that purpose in mind, this show would have been improbable 10 years ago and impossible 20 years ago, now however due to the Facebook and twitter generations social interaction during TV shows is easier than ever and this show aimed to capitalize on it. Ignorance is slightly different but I still believe it could work online, there is the opportunity to give it a web home just like deal or no deal does.

Radio Quiz

Above is my groups Radio project, the project has also been uploaded to Vimeo. But I will now explain the process over the last week or so that lead to this.

Last Tuesday we had our interim critque where our script and running order were looked into, We were given positive feedback for where our show was at that point, we shown the script which was posted in my last 262MC post, That day we also recorded our soundbites for the second round, we spent a while discussing what we would get them to answer for the round and then recorded the piece on Jambo’s sound recorder, we decided to go with this rather than the radio studio as we wanted to make it sound like we did get the sound from elsewhere (their home or via telephone etc) we defiantly didn’t want it to sound like it was recorded in the same room as Jim’s bit. We then spent the next two days practicing and were happy were we were apart from a few minor changes which were reflected in our script


The major concern we had was for our ‘sound’ I tried to gain original sounds that would suit a radio one esque vibe, I used the who wants to be a millionaire sound as an example but i wanted something slightly more light hearted, however we couldn’t get sounds that suited this feel in time, So we made the decision to go w/ retro video games sounds as it added to the light hearted side of the quiz which was emphasized in the non-prize that was the dairy milk bar.

On the day of recording itself, we ran into a few problems with sounds, the sounds we got from the on the move recording were much louder than we anticipated and adam’s was distorted at the start, we did what we could with it, but it was impossible to fully sort out this problem, we also had an error in the script which I failed to change which caused an error in our first couple of attmepts,

we recorded the show about 5 times, our last 2 were nearly flawless, I ended up using the final recording for the edit, there was very little for me to rectify and most of what was edited was just gaps between jambo being silent and the jingles or songs starting.

all in all I’m very happy with this piece, I feel I got a great group to work with, I feel that any problems we had we’d take on well as a team rather than leave it all to one person and I personally was glad to have a much bigger voice in this production than what I had in both TV studio projects.

Feedback on my radio piece is greatly appreciated I realize there are faults and I wish Jim got a question wrong so we could get our antagonist host some more chances to show that off.

Til next time wordpress.

Radio Formats – Our idea and marketing.

On Tuesday we opened up with a lecture about on-line presence in formats today and how shows now not only encourage this practice but how many of them rely on it. Shows such as ‘Deal Or No Deal’ for example have a huge online presence. Viewers can interact with the show online in small ways such as entering a competition or checking out the profiles of the contestants, but they can also apply to be a contestant themselves, play along with the show live or play the show in their own time, talk with fellow viewers about the show and more. The point of all this is so the show stays with the audience after the timeslot on television, It can be argued that in a day and age when people can watch a TV show whenever they feel like, shows like this need this level of interactivity to keep the audience interested in what happens and in shows like X factor the audience will want to know they played a part in any outcome.

So what does this mean for my groups show?  Well it shows that whatever we do with the show we have to take the show online and certinanly make the audience feel involved with the product. But how do we do this? what’s the best method? where and how will people see it?

The obvious easy answer would be facebook and twitter, Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site that has over 500 million user accounts obviously that’s a huge market but how many of them would actually pay much attention, it’s difficult to get a new idea of the ground using this method alone. Twitter is a slightly better option, one of the reasons for this at the moment is that it is a (no pun intended) ‘trending topic’ in the media, everyone and their grandmothers seem to be tweeting at the moment but the important thing for us is how simple it is to pass it on through the network, for those that use twitter you will know about the RT feature, for those that don’t it’s simply a way of quoting a tweet that someone else posted, however if enough people talk about our show it will ‘trend’ higher opening new potential audiences wondering what people are talking about, I believe that this is a better method than facebook to get a new show out to an audience but of course there is no reason not to run both. I have set up a twitter account for our show which can be found here.

Now I’ve gone this far without actually talking about how the show is going to be staged so i suppose I should start now.

Our target audience for this show is 18-35 year olds in the C2, D and E demographics, we aim to put this show out between 4 and 6pm (drivetime) We decided on the working class background listener audience as this show is just for fun and laughs and is obvious from our non-prize which is a bar of chocolate, however I want the audience to dislike the host in an ‘anne robinson’ style where the show is as much about beating the host as it is winning the game. Here are the rounds of our show.

Round 1 ‘Wrong is right’: A selection of questions based on general knowledge and the contestant simply has to answer these questions. However, the catch is that they must choose from 2 answers and they must choose the incorrect answer to gain points, in this case any ‘right’ answer will count against the contestant and for every correct answer they will lose one row off their bar of chocolate, which our host will take great pleasure from.

Round 2 ‘Behind your Back’ : 3 friends or relatives of our contestant will state something about the contestant or something they know has happened to the contestant. Jambo will read out the comments and the contestant then needs to guess who said what. for every one the contestant gets wrong Jambo will again take some chocolate from the contestant.

Round 3 ‘Back to front’: A 10 second segment from a very popular song will be played backwards (like this) and the contestant needs to guess what the song is and the artist who sang it to keep what is left of their prize from the other two rounds.

We practied the show with a script that I had prepared the night before. (link) and I think this worked well for the first attempt, I havesince updated the script and this updated script can be found here.

script, ignorance is bliss

TV Feedback and Radio Ideas.

On tuesday I arrived in lecture prepared for our show to finally get it’s premier (beyond our group on our facebook group wall) I was quite happy with the finished product, Whilst not perfect I felt that lighting and Graphics were really well done and  have to complement those involved i both as the suited the show well, I’d have liked to have seen more graphics to be honest, but conidering the timescale, I think that the graphics were outstanding. I was happy with how the show was recieved by our viewers, there were still things I would change, but I was very happy with the final project.

After the viewing we went down to the basement to discuss ideas for our radio show, it’s worth mentioning I am in a group with Samantha Soane and James Dann. I went into the group meeting with Three rough ideas in my head which are explained below:

  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers- this would have been a film quiz, celebrating the weird and wonderful qoutations of movies, I was planning on getting the host to say film quotes in a weird out of context style for the contestant to guess the original actor or film the qoutation apperaed in..this would be mixed with general film quiz questions and possibly a guess the film score round.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss – This a quiz based around the idea of getting quiz questions WRONG, it is looesly based on a quiz game I’ve played a few times which I believe was called ‘Loser Takes All’ where the player would be presneted a number of multiple choice questions and the player would need to choose the wrong answer…not as easy as it sounds. the game starts off easy with questions such as for example: what sport do the team ‘Manchester United’ play? Football or darts and then would progress into more and more difficult qustions which are not easily answerable leaving the contestant to guess and probably get confused.
  • The Pub Quiz – This was based on the idea of basing the sound and feel of a pub quiz onto a radio show, I had round ideas and sounds I could use for it, however I felt that this could be a it too generic.

In the group meeting my group were happy with the ignorance is bliss idea, but decided to expand the idea, We came up with a second round where the contestant would have to guess which of his/her friends said what about them…e.g the host would say who said that you’re a funny drunk? and then the contestant would have to guess from 3 friends that were announced at the start of the round. We also have a final round where the contestant will have to guess what song is being played…backwards.

We decided that the host with have to be an antagonist host (or as we coined it ‘Bastard Judge’) and he would be a person the audience would side against as the rounds seem either unfair or are desigined to get a reaction from the contestants. We decided Jambo would be able to present this role best so have put him down for presenter. We also need to do realistic prizes so for the moment we are going with the contesant starting off with a choclate bar, but for every question the player gets wrong, the host will eat a piece of chocolate to make him seem even more of an evil host.

To summerise I’m very happy with how my radio show is shaping up, i’m really excited to get practicing in the studios again 🙂

BBC: Coventry & Warwickshire: Interview

About Fifteen minutes ago (yes, really I’m that quick to blog) I was at BBC CWR radio to have an interview about a possible placement. I haven’t mentioned it on the blog before but for the last few weeks I was desperatly trying to get a CV sorted so I could make the deadline for this. Fortunatly I made the deadline and was lucky enough to be offered an interview this morning with Duncan Jones of CWR and Shelley Stevenson of Coventry University (also in charge of the radio side of 262mc more on that in another post.)

In preperation I was asked to listen to Coventry & Warwickshire’s breakfast show with Tim & Miriam. I was asked to critically analyise the show and come prepred to talk about what’s good about the show and potential improvements. I also practiced interview techniques as it was my first interview for anything not to do with university for a long time.

So what happened? I hear you ask, Well I was meant to be at the interview at 11.20am but decided to leave a bit early so I could make sure I was there on time, I ended up being at the station at about 11:05 and we decided to have the interview early. I don’t know what to think about the interview, I think they liked what I had to say about the show and about myself and my previous experience, but I think I let my nerves show alot in the interview and also had little to say about CWR in general, I’m not a regular listener and that shown in the interview and may well count against me, I also could not think of any questions to ask in the interview.

Overall: I’ll find out in the next 24 hours or so if I will have a placement from this interview, whether or not I get it I’m glad I had the oppurtunity to go to the interview as I certinanly now feel I need to practice and perfect my Interviewing techinquies, I don’t think the interview was a failure but I certinanly feel there was room for improvement…but for now i’m crossing my fingers and looking in my E-Mail.

The final shoot.

Well yesterday, we finally did it, we finally had to film our shoot. considering I didn’t post last week I should probably update you as to where I felt we were as a group and where I felt I was as an individual in that group.

The week before I felt at least in my role that I was comfortable, I knew exactly what I’d be doing in my role and I knew that bar a few maybe minor changes that I’d be sorted for the next week, perhaps I felt too comfortable because other aspects of the production seemed to be slipping up and people were getting stresssed, I ended up joining them later, I too was getting annoyed with how long it seemed for anything to get going in practice, whenever the gallery was ready the studio would not be and also whenever the studio was ready the gallery would not be ready, Catch 22 at it’s worst…I was also getting slightly annoyed that some of the points i’d raise up would simply be ignored…I also asked to be involved in the editing porcess but was told that the team was pretty much sorted, meaning that tuesday would be the last day i would work in the group on the project. stress also reached a peak level on the monday due to some people including myself being late for the practice session due to being timed into another module, I feel I should not ever have to choose between modules and rearranging my timetable (which i couldn’t do realistically anyways) and certainly shouldn’t be looked down upon because of it. I managed to contact a friend to do a soundtrack score for the quiz, at this moment I believe the group are planning to use this for the edit that is currently ongoing, I asked him to do 30 and 45 second loops of the score he had set at 1m 30s so it could gel better with the show. I forgot to mention that we settled on the name ‘Prize and Prejudice’ for the show. below is the layout for the quiz show:

My camera on the contestants

Round one- Quick fire round. Contestants have 30 seconds to answer as many questions as they can and collectively put money into the pot. This is the same sort of style as The Weakest Link, as everyone is working together to achieve the highest amount of money possible. Each successful answer gives the contestant £500, and when a question is wrong, they loose said money.

Round two- Buzzer round. For this round the contestants will buzz in when they know the answer to the question. For this round the money is doubled to £1000 per question, and again if answered incorrectly they will loose the £1000. As the quiz continues the money at steak gets higher, as does the toughness of the questions.

Round three– after round two, the audience will have voted of a contestant. Thus leaving two contestants to battle for the prize money. The contestant who got voted out from the previous round will decide what the subject is for the questions of round three on the remaining contestants. This will make it so that the questions are very difficult for the contestants, as the person who has been voted off will probably not want to see anyone else winning the prize money.

Round four– Final round. In the last round there is just one contestant left. The prize money is already theirs, however it is down to the studio audience if they should take it or gamble it all. This is the main audience interaction part of the show, letting them decide the fate of the prize money. Depending on if the audience likes the contestant they will either chose to make them gamble the money (In which they can double it or loose everything) or keep it safely.

In the filming we only filmed the first 2 rounds and ended the show on an ad break. below is the full running order we also had a shooting script which I will try to upload ASAP

Item Studio Gallery Duration
1. Titles VT + Music 0:10
2. Intro Host intros show. GFX 


3. Intro to contestants Background info on contestants 


VT 1:00
4. Vote Audience vote for 3 contestants 0:30
5. Contestant intro Host intros 3 winning contenders 0:30
6. LINK Host intros rounds 0:30
7. Quickfire Round Host + 3 contestants Q&A round. 


GFX 4:00 

(50 seconds each)

8. LINK Host 0:30
9. Buzzer Round Host + contestants Q&A round GFX 1:00
10. Vote Off. Host + contestants 

Studio audience vote.



11. Sign off Host breaks for adverts. 




12. Competition for viewers at home VO GRAB 



Intro to Round 3

Host + Contestants. 

LINK to round 3.

Choice of category by loser contestant.



14. Round 3 Host + Contestants Q&A Round. GFX 1:00
15. Eviction Host evicts loser contestant. 0:30
16. Gamble or Nothing? Host LINK to final round. 

Audience vote ‘ gamble or not’



17. Final Question. 


Host + Contestant 1:00
18. SIGN-OFF + Goodbye Host + contestant 0:10



























The actual filming went much better than I expected to be honest, when we were all settled and everyone was ready, It seemed to go fine. there were certain scenes that needed recording twice, (I was slightly annoyed by one scene we rushed before Yasmin had to leave which I felt would not ‘flow’ well in editing, I wish I was involved in editing to see if my presumptions were right, despite some moans we did refilm the scene and I felt it worked better because of it) In the end I felt the lighting and set design worked well, and hopefully that’s shown well in the edit, In conclusion, despite a few bump and grinds I feel we may have a good show here, David is a good presenter and felt he took his role well, I believe that when we were focused as a team (which maybe wasn’t as often as I would have liked) We could produce good quality stuff, the final shoot didn’t feel like the final shoot to be honest it felt relaxed, however I was tired and exhausted by the end of it (so much so I have now messed up my entire sleeping pattern from the celebration nap)

also below are the questions I researched which we didn’t end up using:

Easy –
Which artists’ hits include: ‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Just Dance’…. A# Lady Gaga
Which of these is NOT a music based magazine? Kerrang, NME or Hello…..A# Hello

Fairly Easy –
Robbie Williams has a famous career as a solo artist but he is also known for being a singer in which boy band?….A# Take That
The musical ‘Mamma Mia’ is based on the songs of which band?……..A# ABBA

Medium –
Which artist had a number one single in Summer 2004 with the song ‘Dry Your Eyes?’……A# The Streets
God Save the queen is a 70’s punk song by which band?……A# Sex Pistols

Hard –
The highest selling UK single of all time is a song by Elton John released in 1997 which sold nearly 5 Million copies in this country alone, but what is the name of that song?……..A# Candle in The Wind ‘97’ (Note: Diana’s funeral song)
Bruce Dickinson, Paul D’anno and Blaze Bayley have all been the lead singer for which British Heavy Metal Band?…….A# Iron Maiden.

Specialist –
In 2006 Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ was the first song to do ‘what?’ in the UK charts?…….A# Reach number one in the charts based solely on Downloads
Name the documentary released in 2004 documenting the heavy metal band Metallica and there near break up whilst creating their album St.Anger………A# Some Kind Of Monster

Gen Knowledge

Who is the Prime Minister of the U.K? A# David Cameron
How many pennies are in a pound? A# 100

Fairly Easy
Who created the Muppets ? A# Jim Henson
In what year did man first walk on the moon? A# 1969

What does the abbreviation E.G. stand for ? A# Exempli gratia or for example
What does BBC stand for? A# British Broadcasting Corporation

When is Saint Georges Day? A# 23rd April
What is 40% of 40? A# 16

Which is the longest river in Britain? A# River Severn
In what Year were the Olympic games first televised? A# 1956

Back to square one?

On Tuesday we had our group meeting with Karen in the Ellen Terry Basement, as usual, we disscussed the in’s and out’s of our current quiz structure, essentially we were put back, for it being too similar to the weakest link, which to be honest I kind of agree with (even if i believe originally it would have just been a jeopardy clone but aw well) we were also told we did not have enough rounds set up for the show, even if we weren’t planning to film them all, we should have them prepared for the format structure. She seemed to be dissapointed that we’d shunned off the idea of filming a show based around the game operation as she felt that had potential, but we felt would be impossible to film, particularly with deadlines fast approaching.

With Karen’s guidance we decided to go down the route of a general quiz show where the audience helps decide who go’s through, now this wasn’t a bad idea, but someone had the idea of all the contestants being somehow related to each other (I had the idea of Co-workers) and was disappointed that our group didn’t consider this option beyond a quick listen, The idea of the show is that contestants start as a team and then have to dispatch their teammates so they can win the full prize themselves, imagine the added pressure and drama if the contestants had to meet up with each other again on a Monday morning at work? could that change the gameplay? could it make some interesting TV and drama? I thought yes. but I suppose my group disagreed.

We have two rough titles for the show, these are ‘Power to the people’ and ‘Mob Rules’ We had a group discussion in the common room after wards where we discussed things such as set designs, etc… in all honesty i kinda left people to it I chipped in where I could, but set design is certainly one of my weakest skills in media production, I agreed to the suggested podiums admitting it’s how I imagined the stands in my head, but beyond that I felt Rochelle and the others would be better off taking more of a role on this aspect. We also presented our questions today via facebook, sorry again that I can’t show my questions and research but I don’t want any of our contestants to see…sorry wordpress.

In reflection of today, I felt that things have taken a turn for the better in our production, however there are still many steps we need to take, I feel comfortable in my role, I just hope that I can make more of an impact beyond my designated camera role over the next week and a bit.