The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Written Presentation.

For my professional experience I decided to work on a number of different projects. Some were self-managed and others were more like traditional placements, although they were both voluntary places. The places I worked for/with or started working with for my professional experience were:

The Birmingham County Football Association

The West Midlands Police

Coventry University Accidental Seduction Film Group

‘Blind Faith’ Television Pilot

Source Radio

Corby Radio

These were a fairly wide variety of projects and placements. Many of them were chosen by me simply because of easy access and introduction from the university, only Corby Radio was not linked in some way to the uni, however having said that I did not choose any of these projects as an easy option, far from it in fact. I felt that the FA and Accidental.. Projects especially provided a wide range of challenges  from the get go. Particularly while we were trying to secure funding for Prague. I went with some of these choices based on work I had seen on previous trips in the case of accidental seduction.  I went with the Radio volunteering because I wished to improve my skills in radio broadcasting and sound editing as well as seeing how a small business worked in the case of Corby radio.

The journey that has been taken during professional Experience has been at times difficult but in general thoroughly enjoyable, My prior contacts were slim to none beyond my course and I’m glad to see I have met many helpful contacts throughout my time working on this module, My prior knowledge and interests certainly helped me decided the projects I worked on, I wished to test my skills abroad as well as getting a big name on my CV (extra bonus that it was the FA) and also wished to improve my radio knowledge. Skills that have been enhanced by this module include:

. Leadership

. Teamwork

. Practical Camera skills

. Editing skills.

.Organizational skills.

However over the course of this experience it has certainly been a case of “the more I know, the more I realise how little I know” I recognise that my confidence and leadership abilities have improved, but I still recognize that there is still a long way to go, I have also made many mistakes during this module (including not planning well enough in advance, leaving things late) which will help enhance my thinking of similar projects. In terms of my career goals and lifetime plans this has helped me to understand a bit better how the world of freelance media could work, at the start of this module I had no idea where I wanted to go after university and while I still can’t say I’m certain where I will go I now start to see myself more and more as a camera operator , I’m starting to realise that at least for the moment I don’t have the skills to take on full leadership of a project so I feel I’m much more likely to work for someone else rather than start my own company. However I’m also starting to realise the value of having a wide range of contacts and skills in your inventory so will be looking to act on as many opportunities’ as possible in my final year.

My next steps as mentioned previously include improving the skills I already have as well as the personal skills I feel I may be lacking, I’ve already got some further professional experience arranged in the shape of the West Midlands Police and The BBC Big Screens Project as well as continuing with Source Radio and finishing off the final touches to the FA DVD. I’ve also set myself a target of learning Adobe after effects as research has shown me how useful it is to have those skills or at the very least an understanding of how they work under my belt. I also aim to improve my editing skills further. I aim to improve my skills in these areas by simply by practicing any free chance I get whilst I still have access to the universities equipment. I also aim to further build my contacts and see about further paid opportunities’ for after my course has finished.

The good, the bad and the ugly. During this module several things have gone very, very well for me. I have gained a number of contacts which will help me in the future, I have also built up relations with the contacts I already had, I have learnt not only the skills I have but some of the skills I lack, which allows me to improve upon them in the future. However throughout the course of the module a lot of things have gone wrong. As mentioned previously organisation of the FA project was a bit of a nightmare at times, trying to get people to meet their times as well as have a consistency in style and equipment was a lot harder than I could have anticipated, making it very difficult to get as much footage worth using from some of the shoots as we would have liked. Other things that have gone badly wrong include the work I have done with source radio as timings and errors in originisation have prevented me doing some of the work I had orginised. Also whilst in Prague I learnt what can happen when timing is left to run as we ended up shooting the majority of the film on the final day of shooting for nearly 12 hours into the early hours of the next morning, this was much later than we originally planned. All of these have made me realise how much can go wrong in the world of media but also how important it is to keep a steady mind and strong will and get what’s needed done at the end of the day and that is possibly the most important lesson I could have learnt from experience during this module.


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