The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Contacts for Porfessional Experience

Here is a list of contacts I have met through this module and how they could be helpful in the future.

Sunny Sahota –  Marketing at the BCFA

Sunny is the perosn who has been in charge of the FA Project, She would be a useful contact in the future who is well-connected and could possibly lead me onto others that could progress my media career.

Des Barber – Station Manager Corby Radio

Des’ could prove useful as a contact in radio but also in getting my foot in the door with local events (should i stay in Corby/Northamptionshire)

Stewart Mcneil – News Editor/Presenter Corby Radio

As with Des Stewart would be a good contact in Local Radio and events.

Greg – Funeral For a Friend tour manager and Steph Van Spronsen  of Hart Media.

These were the two people that orginised the interview with FFAF, I could possibly use Hart media again in the future to orginise further interviews for Source Radio.

Sean Keaney – Current 3rd year M-Pro Student and Accidental Seduction director.

Sean is just finishing off his degree, but maybe a useful contact to keep hold of (aswell as the rest of the 3rd year film group) in case of any further projects in the future.

Charley Jordan – Radio presenter.

I contacted Charley through a relative when I was starting with Source Radio, although I didn’t work with her she gave me some advice on working in the radio and getting a good show going, She could be a useful contact in the future due to her background with the BBC.


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