The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Professional Experience: Module Reflection.

In this module I have been able to evaluate and reconsider my career path aswell as my own personal strengths and weaknesses. For each of the projects I had a role in I shall discuss my teamworking abilities, how it has affected my creative work and what skills i have learnt/improved or still need improving.

The FA Project.

For this role I’d say that I worked quite well as a member of a team during filming shoots. I was good a helping people to try and get a good shot but would also criticise any that I felt could be improved. I also accepted that criticism of people several times. However I feel that my leadership skills could certainly have been improved upon. As I have mentioned on this blog before I learnt quite quickly it’s better to go with a small committed group rather than try and get a large group to do a little bit each. I will be the first to admit that I could not get people to commit to the project in the way that i’d have liked. Also I failed to take into account things like what to do if our first choice camera wasn’t available, who would edit the final piece (initially) and just what the chain of command was within the group, In defence to myself I never claimed to take a leadership role, but I was looked upon as the leader by many within the group, If I was to take on a role similar again I would need to be certain to make all issues and soloutions clear at the start of any project, aswell as establish peoples roles at the earliest opportunity.

Creatively this project has been great for me, whenever possible I aimed to make a shooting (although that wasn’t as often as I would have liked) I would love to go into shooting live events after univeristy so the football game filming was a great opportunity for me, We had several issues based on cameras throughout the project, because of the lack of cameras we often had to switch makes and models for each shoot, meaning that in the edit there’s an obviously quality difference, in the future i’d be preferable to make sure we have a camera we could always use, but of course in this case it was impossible to guarantee use of a single camera.

From this project so far (we are still at editing) I have learnt a lot about my own (lack of) leadership abilities which I now consider one of my top skills I need to improve, I have learnt alot about how media projects for outside orginisations work and how the chain of communication works for projects at the FA.

Source Radio:

Although I had my own radio show I had to attend regular meetings with source radio to discuss issues and oppurtunites with the group, this was a great way to make sure we were all on the same page as far as making the radio reach alot more people across the university. My creative and presentation skills were certianly improved by appearing on the radio regularly as it allowed me to experiment with ideas aswell as consider what did and didn’t work with me and my audience, aswell as improve my technical audio skills. I still feel that I could improve certain aspects of my technical side of presenting aswell as getting involved further behind the scenes.

Prague Accidental Seduction:

Teamwork was an essential part of this piece, Not only for our group but for the ‘once upon a time’ group that also went along to Prague, before we went out to film we all needed to get money to fund the experience, this was done by several events including several film nights and junk sales. from the start when we were handed Sean’s script we could see where the project was and see how he was planning for it to look, I wish we could have had more pratice sessions before heading out to prague and also know the full team a bit better, but whilst we were out there we all seemed to work quite well and everyone seemed to stick to their roles meaning there wasn’t a case of too many cooks, which was great during the more stressful nighttime scenes.

I honestly think some of the shots I got from this trip are the best I have ever shot, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of any of them at the moment as the film is in the editing stage and I did not recieve a backup of the majority of shots from this trip. what I have learnt from this trip was to have more confidence in my abilities as well as work in a foreign environment.

Corby Radio:

This was another place where teamwork was of course vital, I didn’t help out as much as I would have liked over the christmas holidays for a variety of reasons, but with that experience as well as helping out a lot of last summer I leanrt alot of how a radio station is actually run. I worked well in a team with stewart and the others I worked with during the time and throughout the experience I learnt to adapt to what was needed of me, be it busy or slow work days. Creatively i learnt the important skill of making pieces for a real-world radio station, something which i can’t really say about source radio as their rules are a lot more lenient than those of FM and DAB broadcasters.


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