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Source Radio – Shows That I have missed and interviews

Throughout the course of the year I have been hosting a show on student radio station Source which is broadcast Online and across the student union. Since my last post I have moved my show to Thursday evenings at 8pm until 10pm but unfortuantley I have been able to host less shows than previously due to a number of issues. over the course of the year, I’d say i’ve done about 12 2hr shows on Source Radio as well as guesting on a couple other shows (sam and jambo’s respectively) throughout this time I have learnt (as well as from my time at Corby Radio) how radio broadcasting can work, both stations are completly different from each other and both have different target audiences and rules and those would also differ majorly from say The BBC but the experiences i’ve had from both have prepared me for what other broadcasters would expect. for example, Corby Radio relies on audeience donation and advertising so giving the audience what they want is essential to the survival of the station, a lack of interest would quickly kill off the young station. whereas with Source, it’s low production costs beyond the equipment it already has means they don’t have to worry as much. both organizations are not-for-profit.

A couple of weeks ago I conducted an interview with lead singer of Alt-Rock band Funeral For A Friend – Matthew Davies – Kreye. This was an interesting experience. I was only aware I would be conducting the interview a day before he would appear in Coventry. I decided to work with Alex Hacking in preparing questions for the interview and also getting him to conduct a few questions. I was happy to be doing this interview for a number of reasons. 1. A few expected interviews had fallen apart before.  2. I had been a fan of FFAF since I was about 12 so I was genuinely inter ested in the band I was interviewing and 3. I felt like I needed some interview experience.

On the Wednesday I met up with Alex and put together a very rough draft of the questions we would ask. once we got that sorted I phoned up the Tour manager of FFAF outside of the Coventry Kasbah and then met up with Matthew inside his tour bus. I’m happy to say that for a first interview this was a pleasant experience and everyone involved was genuinely nice.

Once the interview was finished me and alex were able to see the gig as part of the guestlist and seen the band do what they do best. Once the evening ended I went straight to editing the piece which you can here below. I used Audacity to edit the interview and uploaded the piece on Soundcloud.

Here is the interview

I spoke to a friend of mine involved in the creation of new student magazine EV. He was looking for content so offered him this interview to use in his magazine aswell. He has since transcribed the piece and told me he will use it so expect to see that in there also.

Funeral For A Friend's latest album. OUT NOW!

EV Magazine Facebook

Source Radio Presents: The Late Shift Facebook


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