The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The FA Project.

What this post will be is a recollection of all the dates I have done for the project since my last post. It’s been too long since I posted on this project and A lot has happened in that time so I will now do my best to get all the dates in this post, this will be amended if I realise I missed something out later on.

Thursday 31st March – Filming.

Me, Alex and Laurie – Ann took part in a full day of filming from my last blog post. once I posted that piece I met up with Alex and laurie ann and we booked out a camera (D90) and also went to alex’s to pick up a tripod before making the train to Aston. Once arriving in Aston, Sunny gave us a lift to the birmingham FA where we proceeded to get a bunch of ‘filler’ shots which were intended to break up the DVD a fair bit. these included shots of the pitch, the workers, the logo,etc…

we spent about an hour or so doing this and then went onto discussing plans for editing of the brochure and dvd, I decided on doing some edits of photographs for the brochure as well as doing what I could with editing, however Alex would remain as main editor.

we then had a bit of a break before heading over to West Bromich Albions football ground the hawthornes, where we proceeded to get photos and videos from the referrees awards ceremony, this was an interesting experience as it shown the difficulty of getting good footage whilst staying out of peoples way, I do believe we got some good footage though. once we left we decided to meet up the next Monday to again sift through the footage, however I lent Alex my Hard drive so that he could get a head start before hand, Sunny also sent me some photos to have a look at and try some effects with.

Monday 4th April

We met up again as a group at the ellen terry building to sort through the footage, fortunately Alex had done most of the hard work for us all ready, he had sorted through all of the footage and presneted to us what he thought the best shots were in a fairly organized order. This was extremely helpful, once we shown this to Sunny she agreed with the majority of shots but felt we needed to order them into categories for each of the different sections we had been given, whilst doing this we realized we had nothing for the section ‘women in football’ and realised we were missing a tape that had some footage of a recent girls football game on it. We also discussed ways to ‘jazz’ up the video, we discussed using after effects and I said i’d give it a go, but none of us are exactly brilliant at it. I had to leave the meeting a little bit early as they were fine-tuning the footage we had but I felt like I knew what was going on, We stated we would meet again on Wednesday (later changed to Thursday) to get one last bit of footage in Coventry.

Thursday 7th April

We met fairly early in the day at Ellen Terry to get camera equipment and get a lift from Sunny, we then went to Moat House Coventry to get some footage of the facilities, we spent a while getting some nic e experimental shots there and then discovered there was a training session going on, which we decided to spend a bit of time filming. after the shoot was done, we discussed how the project had gone thus far and what needed to be done, I had to get the remaining footage off of sam davies so I arranged to meet her the next day. Alex went home-home that night so after capturing the footage I took the camera off of him to return to the loan shop. He will continue editing from home on his Mac.

Friday 8th – today

From the friday what has happened on my end has been, getting the lost footage from Sam and then on Monday capturing the footage onto usb. I have also edited a number of photos to send to laurie-ann who is doing the brochure. at this point in time, I need to upload the footage online for alex to download or send him the usb via post and also pass on the photos to laurie-ann. I will also experiment with after effects tomorrow and try to get some effects using that for transitions in the video.

Below are photos taken throughout this period.


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