The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The Fa Project: Editing

On Monday me, Alex Hacking and Sunny Sahota met up at the Ellen Terry building to look at the footage we had thus far and start to prepare a storyboard and editing schedule for the DVD. We also disccused the proposed leaflet to be sent with the DVD.

At this point in the process of the DVD I realised how big some of the ‘smaller’ issues from before were affecting me now. Throughout the course of the filming no one person was at every shoot, therefor there was a major breakdown in communication, each of the workers shot pieces using different cameras, different settings and different definitions presenting footage would looked very odd next to each other, I thank Anca for uploading the footage onto my hard drive to present but some of the footage looked horrible in the compression it was given, all of the shoots were done in 16:9 ratio but some uploaded in 4:3 ratio meaning that some of the footage looked a lot worse than it should have done. As we were looking through the footage we kept notes of the timecodes of any ‘great’ footage that we had managed to capture, the number of shots we were satisfied with was dissapointingly low. To combat this problem we will be doing two things.

1. We will Import the ‘dodgy’ footage again to try and improve the quality of the footage we have,

2. Today (Thursday 31st March) Me and Alex will be meeting up with Sunny in Birmingham and filming a bunch of ‘filler’ shots aswell as a referees conferance, hopefully this will sort out some of the issues we have with footage.

It is entirely possible as well that when we get back to the edit again (which is starting from next monday)  we will find some footage that we missed which actually could work quite well,

At this stage I can now reflect at mistakes and problems at the earlier stages that I have now learned not to make in the future.

1. I have learnt that the most important part of any group, especially one of the size of this project is COMMUNICATION! I started a group on facebook to keep in touch with everyone, however this has not been completly effective due to people not seeing the messages and also not posting important infomation. for example it would have been good to see the recording settings people used for each of the shoots, so that others knew what to shoot in.

2. It is EXTREMELY important to have a defined leader of a given group. I think the main problem of this group was that I was seen as the ‘go-to’ person of this project, both from Sunny and the group in general, In theory I had no problem with that, as I fancied producing the piece and orginising that way, but we never defined a ‘director’ for the piece, I think people just assumed I was in charge of that whereas I left it in charge of people as they filmed, seeing as how I wouldn’t be at many shoots. In hindsight it would have been good to have planned a storyboard and shot list BEFORE we started shooting one piece of footage rather than shooting and seeing what we had. from this I learnt that my leadership skills can certinanly be improved, however this project has been a major learning curve in what not to do in similar projects in the future.




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