The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Process / Development – Symmertry

For this piece I worked as a group of four with Laura Garwood, Samantha Soane and Jambo Dann. Initially we split into two different groups for this piece with Myself and Jambo going to the park to film some shots there and Sam and Laura going off to record a soundscape for the piece, the idea being to portray the stark contrast between the park and the busy city. After this we went back to the Ellen Terry building to try and come up with an idea for symmetry. I brought an idea to the table which was inspired mainly by the music video ‘Can’t Stop Feeling’ by Alt Rock band ‘Franz Ferdinand’

My idea was to do a shorter version of this video messing around with the percieved borders of the video camera, I wanted to use a mirrored effect in the middle as well. me and the group had 2 main problems with this idea. 1. that it would be difficult to film as I envisioned for the short scenes and 2. there was no deeper meaning to the piece.

I had an alternative idea of filming a symmertical dinner scene, where two people sit across each other on the same table eating the same meal and combing it to make a comedy sketch similar to the marx brothers infamous sketch.

Sam and laura had an idea involving the shape and pattern of falling paint, which I thought would be an interesting piece to shoot, we were to drop a load of paint onto an abandoned door and film the asymmetrical shapes that the paint drops caused on this canvas. We decided to film in Laura’s kitchen We also decided to use additional lighting to emphasize the painting, getting the light how we wanted it proved to be a major challenge.When we seemed to get one setup right for one camera the second camera would have an issue which would need sorting.

Getting the angles right was also a major challenge, to get the ‘underneath’ shot seen in the final video we had Sam actually sit under the door (which we had balanced between a TV and a kitchen side impressively) and aim the camera upwards as we couldn’t get the angle we wanted with a standard tripod. We settled on that and me using a standard tripod for the other shot, We had Laura and James tip the paint onto the door. We shot a number of different takes but decided to keep the paint as it were rather than clean it each shot (more on why later) we slightly adjusted zooms and angles but in general kept each shot similar. Once we had all of our shots done we decided to clean, but not after looking at the ‘painting’ we had created. In all honesty I really liked the pattern we had created, I don’t think it came out too well on video. cleaning the paint of the canvas was a major pain and if we had to re-angle the door as it was before we would be in major continuality problems so i’m glad we didn’t try it during the filming.

Sam then took control of the editing for the week, I met with her later in the week with most of the editing work done. We however needed to get a sound right for the piece. after much searching we found the song we ended up using off of



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