The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Light Research

For light i wanted to have a look at how artists of the past and present had used light to create intresting effects. Of course as a media producer I am always using light to create an image and a knowledge of lighting techniques is essential to me for any lens based medium.

Picasso light drawing

The above picture is one of world famous artist Picasso as photographed in 1949 by Gjon Mili The images are created by leaving a long exposure shot on in a darkly lit room, I have myself done a similar technique in the past using the traffic of Coventry’s Inner Ring Road, the rest of the photos are available in a previous post.

This technique can create some interesting animation effects when used correctly I wanted to create a video like the following couple.<br/><a href=”; target=”_new”title=”Light Writing in Paris”>Video: Light Writing in Paris</a>

In both of these videos it was obvious a fair bit of planning had gone into the making of it, there are also examples online of people using stencils to create some really amazing animations, including remakes of video game levels such as mario and Call of Duty.

I also considered the way that the ‘word’ light has been used in media over time. From a very quick thought shower I came up with the following phrases or titles that had been used in film, Book and music over the years.

“there is a light that never goes out”

“Blinded By The Light” “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” “Light from above” “The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long” “Light of my life” and many more songs and phrases that could be mentioned but I think you get the idea. (out of interest I searched the word ‘Light’ on my iTunes and discovered 450 songs with the word ‘light’ in…interesting)

All of the above phrases show how light has been an inspiration for many artistic expressions in media. Some choose to use it as a sign of love and romance, (light of my life) others to show their religious beliefs (light above) others have used it to show their optimism for a given situation (light at the end of the tunnel)  and others their pessimism (light at the end of the tunnel is probably a train) these are all of course only a small section of examples of the subjects that light has been used as a metaphor for in the past.

another important metaphor from the word light is the word enlightenment and more specifically the historical age called the ‘age of enlightenment’ The age of enlightenment was seen to be the age when “Mankind stepped out of childhood as a species and became major”

The expression ‘age of enlightenment’ drew it’s inspiration from the already widely used philosophical term of light, comparing knowledge with vision and illumination, these phrases for the most part have survived into the present day. the age was characterized by the confidence in reason and the criticism of traditional authority figures (political and religious)

Denis Diderot One of the major philosphers of 'Light'

Aswell as experimenting with light I also looked at ways to present good natural looking light for filming. not only for this task but for advancement in my short film work, there is a full post on this on the short film category of this blog but i’ll again point out how much of a help this video was as an inspirtaion and a how-to guide for some types of lighting.

here is my light video, I wanted to create an interesting animation using a number of different lights, but found a useful light app for my mobile phone that did most of the work for me. I wished i made the film more smooth in it’s transitions and found a way of doing this much easier than I filmed it (i shot each shot with a minor progression each time, whereas i could have done one empty piece and one full and edit the trail in post) so this shoot was a great learning experience. any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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