The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Shaun – Cinematography

As mentioned in my last post I was down as a camera operator and lighting specialist for the project ‘international affairs’ On the day of the final shoot I had booked out my share of the equipment for 5pm with the intention of dropping them off at james’ house and then relaxing and getting some food before meeting the actors at the Ellen Terry building and heading to our filming location in nuneaton. When we arrived at Costcutters in Nuneaton we instantly headed for the staff room area and prepared equipment as the shop was preparing to close. I had previously prepared shot log sheets which I handed to Gergana as well as keeping some for myself, once we would start filming the aim was to log every single shot we made. I also started to experiment a bit with lighting but decided to stick with the natural lighting of the shop.

Once we all got started we all acted professionally in our roles, Me, G and Sam were quite the team to begin with, getting all the shots we could aswell as logging it down professionally, however this was time consuming, we were spending way too long on some shots and we could all sense the danger that could leave us in, also disaster struck…….the lights went out!

Big thanks to vish for this (as well as for everything else including the location) after we couldn’t work out how to get the lights back on and threting about reshooting the previous scenes due to light issues, he was on the phone and managed to sort it out for us. I can’t imagine the post I’d be writing now without that phone call, but I imagine I would not be in the most positive of moods.

As the night went on we got a lot more scenes done in a lot less time, however because of this, we all forgot to continue with the log sheets, this could prove a major problem for our editors as they will now have to search through more footage than they probably should do, if we had more time to calmly look around I would defiantly have stopped for a few minutes to do this, unfortuantly the thought didn’t occur until the backlog was too big.

I felt that the lighting was good for the main shots, but the candlelit scene was a challenge. having turned off all the lights we could I set up a lighting system similar to my drawing in the last post. however the aisles were not as wide as I hoped making this setup difficult-to-impossible. I ended up doing an altered version which looked okay from ‘simon’s’ side, but not so good from Elina’s I’m hoping that the difference is not too noticeable.

I should really take this time to thank all those outside of our groups who made this shoot possible (of course the panthers deserve credit aswell) but we had so many minor details that couldn’t have happened without Vish for helping us with the location and keeping an eye whilst we were filming, Liz for being there as support and for helping us out of a potentially tricky situation. my mate Sasha for providing the wonderful sketches of our ‘Elina’ and of course our actors for putting up with us for all that time.

Beyond this I think that everything went Ok we seemed to get every shot we wanted and no-one left in tears so not too bad, only major annoyance was forgetting to bring back the lighting gels resulting in myself getting a ban from the media loan shop, stupid mistake we all put down to tiredness but aw’ well I can live with it. Tomorrow I shall start work on the poster for this film whilst Sam, Anca and G begin to edit, expect plenty of progress in the next few days.



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