The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Prague – 6 Days away full of filming.

Well…this is me not too long recovered from a week away in Prague, but as you should probably be aware (at least if you are marking this for the module i’m writing this for) I was working as a camera operator for a film being shot there. The film was called accidental sudduction and at the point of writing is in it’s Post-Production phase. But here is my account of the near week away working on the production stage of this short film.


We all arrived at Ellen Terry at about 2am to get the coach to stansted airport. After MUCH delay we headed to the airport where we caught our flight to Prague, It was a 2 hour flight and after which we were confronted by the light snow and the infamous Czech temperature which i can thankfully say was not as bad as I was expecting (we were told that this was a very good week for weather) we then headed via coach to the hotel, organized rooms and chilled for a little bit. Later on we all went around Prague for a tour and a look around for filming locations. after a long day of the tour (I must have been awake for about 32 hours straight) I called an early night and prepared for more of the same the next day.


On the monday it was again scouting for locations from some of the group as they went round the city, I however helped out the lighting and sound lads in getting the mood right for the hotel scene, this gave me a chance to mess around with the JVC camera again whilst helping out to make sure the lighting looked ok and the sound sounded clear. We had some problems such as deciding to do this in the day. This was because the actual shoot would be at night and we could not darken the room enough naturally to make it appear like night, meaning the lighting at the time we scheduled would not be 100%  helpful. We also had some issues with sound which Jimmy (sound) sorted later. after the test we met up with the rest of the group and had a plan of action meeting and a nice dinner. Items in the discussion included, the itenary for the next day and little bits about costs.


We awoke and headed into the centre of Prague Old town, an area where many feature-length films including Mission: Impossible have shot in in the past. We met up with our main character Donavon who would be playing the main character ‘Colin’ I was camera assistant for this shoot but as we only had the one camera I found myself just basically playing guard of equipment for much of the shoot. I felt a bit annoyed by it but I also didn’t want to inturrupt the flow that had been built up thus far, filming seemed to be going well. plus I knew I would get much more filming ops the next day and very early on.


Very, Very early start for this one, we were filming from about 9ish at a cafe near the Charles Bridge, we spent a while shooting scenes with ‘Colin’ and our lecturer Clifton playing the part of an old man. I feel like a got some interesting shots but I reckon I was a bit slow with allowing my initive to take over on some shots making them look not as good as they probably could and should have been. We then went off to film our street scenes which involved a ‘mugging’ and ‘colin’ meeting his love interest(note beyond this I won’t be giving any further plot details, wait for the finished piece.) I felt this shoot went quite well and was fairly happy with the results. after this I went off with half of the group as we could only have a small number in the hotel for the scene being shot there that evening. I was filming on this shoot from roughly 9-3pm after that we all discussed an intenary for the next day.


For this one I was fortunate enough to get a long lie-in and my god would I need it. we started filming at the fairly late time of 4.30pm but well this one continued until 4am. We filmed a good number of scenes in a hotel room all of which had their own problems. but i have to praise everybody involved in this scene as we all felt the stress but I truly believe we acted like professionals the whole time, I honestly believe we produced some amazing shots as well. which I am really looking forward to showing off in the future. (but for now you will have to take my word for it.)


happy in the knowledge we had all the major shots done, me and the other camera op, Matt went into old town with our director Sean, to get some cutaway shots. Some of these shots looked ace and you should be seeing some of these very soon. beyond that it was more a matter of just chatting about how the week had been and how i would later get hold of the raw footage for myself.


And then yesterday…we said goodbye to the beautiful city of prague, we arrived in Coventry at 2pm and exhausted I called an end to the 6 days of shooting and exploring, Overall i felt the week was a successful week and I honestly learnt alot which I could use in other aspects of my profession particualry in the on-going short film module, including how to look after crew and actors and also the importance of making my voice heard as nobody is perfect and people do make mistakes.



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