The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Short Film Madness.

What a day.

Seriously I have yet to go through all of the emotions like today in a long time. I think all of my short film group did throughout the day, I suppose I better start from the beginning to explain it.

We decided to go with Jambo’s idea of the war couple, we presented this in the morning (apologies for being late guys) and let the rest of the module members give us feedback, Someone came up with a suggestion I had previously that it could be the police rather than the army that the husband was a part of, and another suggested the character wearing a mask, There were a lot of logistical, narrtive and (most damaging of all) motivational issues using this idea however, We left the lecture feeling disheartened, I was in the honest position of “We’ve not got anything else we can agree on, let’s just go with this and see what we can make of it” However as the day went on I could see that this was not the right attitude to take, I have to admit to getting angry and frustrated as although I agreed with the notion that we needed another idea, I felt it was a bit late into the course to start from scratch especially with casting and locations needing sorted as soon as possible. We disscused following an idea similar to ‘Inside’ .

I really like this film, but…..I worried about how we could make something inspired by it that simply didn’t rip the film off, I had an idea of switching around the location and the reasoning’s. I was a little concerned with us as a group as we just seemed to have ‘ideas’ but no way of seemingly being able to work them into stories or stories that would be realistic to film (I remember there being ideas of medevil and 1945 era films) Here is a brief of my idea using ‘Inside’ as an inspiration, It is by no means perfect and was fairly rushed.

A woman suspects her husband of cheating and confronts the man at their usual evening dinner together, the man is thoroughly convinced that he has done nothing wrong and is shocked by his wife’s accusations, the wife then uses comments from people who’ve seen him playing around, He again denies the allegations, however at this point we see another man in the room behind the husband, he begins to shout abuse at his wife (mimed with the husband a’la inside) and leave the house, He then picks up the phone to call up his mistress.

This idea was by no means perfect but I had a rough idea of how it could play out, We entered a workshop with Pete, Steve and Clifton at 3 O’Clock at the limits of my stress level, I honestly didn’t know what to think at this stage, I really didn’t want to get into an argument with anybody, but I was really dissatisfied with the situation, We all realised we couldn’t afford to be in this situation with filming deadlines less than 5 weeks away, but we didn’t have any ideas to get out of it, I honestly don’t think I have ever felt worse as a M-Pro student. Thank Goodness for this meeting then.

We went in and asked for their honest opinions on our original idea. Steve stated that he honestly did not like the idea, stating the characters did not seem realistic and it could end up looking a bit weird (or words to that effect) We stated our problems and our other ideas, including mine, but they were looked at as too complicated. again I didn’t know what to think, I honestly don’t know how we got to this point though but Sam mentioned something about being able to use a Costcutters, and then the ideas stemmed to using Ikea as a location, Clifton mentioned about making it a Rom-Com and I loved that idea, We also mentioned about making it a Gypsy-caravan esque society where there are loads of family living there. We were adding ideas throughout the short meeting and Honestly I and I assume We felt a hell of a lot better for this meeting, We had an idea we had something BUT, we need to get permission, We decided to take a camera out and see what we could do with ikea, I loved the shots we managed to get just messing around in iKea I really think the Rom-Com idea could work if we could get filming permission but so could a number of different ideas. Below is my rough idea for the story, We will be (as a group) deciding on our final story and a proposal to send to iKea in order to use their building, There is still a lot that can go wrong with this idea, but if this works this could be a really good piece.

Couple idea: 18-22 man and woman having a conversation in what appears to be a cut off split screen, the characters are talking to each initally via facebook and then decide to call each other (Facebook shots could be over the shoulder or redone in the editing stage) they then proceed to chat on the phone about meeting up later for dinner, they both agree and then walk ‘off set’ and the audience realises this is a furniture shop they then walk to the dinner table in another part of ikea,they then sit down ready for a meal as a couple

Feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.


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