The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Experimenting with Photography

Our task this week is based around the word ‘city’. We were told to think about what comes to mind when we think of the word city. I came up with (in about 1 minute): Escape,Big, Busy, Loud, Crazy, Grimey, Diverse and Watchful.

We were told that most of these ideas were to basic and don’t really leave much to make a good piece about, we were told about the concept of the ‘soft city’ which focused on the interchanging relationships of city life. we were shown this advertisement which is revelant because of this idea.

We then looked at a photo of a bus stop and were asked to come up with different connantations based around that, I came up with the idea that if you use the bus reguallry you are considered by some a failure. A belief that has a lot to do with the supposed class war and politics in the U.K. this idea was a recurring theme through things that bus shelters can represent, Thatcherism being the main word that stayed in mind when discovering that during her years as PM she privatized the majority of these shelters.

We were then asked to look at Pyschogeography and situationism, which I will look into greater detail later in the week. but it gave me the idea of rebellion and in term that brought about thoughts of Punk attitude and music and how it was rebelling against the political movement at the time. I then moved a slight angle from that view and thought of paranoia, In this country we apparently have 20 cameras for each one person so is it not expected that we could be a paranoid nation? I also had ideas about impatience due to the modern multi-functional always moving worker/student as well as the random thoughts and impressions people have and make in an everyday situation. Me and Jambo were thinking on a similar wave-length, we have decided to do a photography and audio piece this week based on the paranoia and the ever changing ‘thoughts’ of a couple of people in this city, one new to the city and one who has been there for a long time. The idea is inspired partly by Channel 4 sitcom ‘Peep Show’. I would like the city ‘veteran’ to be paranoid and look down on everyone he walks past (similar to the ‘Mark’ Character of the Peep Show’) and I would like the ‘newcomer’ to be very shy and afraid of the city because of his inexperience of city life.

For this weeks ‘City’ project I thought it would be a good idea to try out some Photography for the project, I decided to book out a Canon D40 and see what I could do, below are some photos I got from experimenting with a Canon D40

NOTE: Apologies for being behind with other 260MC pieces, they will be finished and the process will be reviewed in due course.


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