The Work Of Shaun Jacques

264MC: So Far

Our group formed after the second lecture in 264MC, I decided to work in a group with Jambo Dann and Anca after working with the two of them before in several films and also the bridge building project the week prior as well as working with Gergana and Sam Davies, I feel that we have a good group that brings with it a mix of skills and ideas, Since our groups formation we have setup a group on Facebook where will share ideas, problems and feedback, We have also setup a blog on wordpress which we will also use to post ideas and group meetings.

Group Logo

For our class activities we have built bridges (literally) together and we have also worked on creating narratives from news stories, I felt that the news story angle was a good way to look at creating a story when I have a lack of creative ideas. I also felt it was a good laugh and a great chance to build up ideas from something around you, another alternative which was suggested was creating a story based on a random person in the street, similar to a scene from ‘Shaun Of The Dead’

(0:22 Onwards)

  • the process of ideas development and discussion of your ten initial ideas and how you narrowed them down to three.

We decided as a group to come up with a number of ideas and leave them up for feedback on the facebook group, I did my own elimination of ideas before putting them up on there, I put a couple of ideas I was happy with on the page, One of which can be seen in the post before this. I narrowed down my initial ideas by considering, whether it had been done before in short film or feature film in the same way and whether it would be any good. I watched a few short films for inspiration including  ‘Teeth’ Directed by John Kennedy & Ruairà O’Brien

this gave me the inspiration to focus on characters rather than focus on an event or a specific location, I was impressed by how much this film portrayed in 2 minutes with it’s lack of actors, dialogue and location, very simple but extremely effective. My idea of  ‘The Box’ is my aim of trying to capture a range of emotions on par with this film, however In our feedback session earlier this week, I was warned off my original ending as the audience would probably not be happy with the pay-off, I have considered alternative endings including the character not ever revealing what’s inside and leaving the audience to decide, but I feel it may be difficult/impossible to create the suspense/care from the audience to make this as relevant as I would like in the time we have been given.


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