The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The FA Project update. Group meetings #3 & #4

Last Wednesday, Me, Alex, Laurie-Ann, Lorraine and Ebony went to Birmingham FA HQ to discuss final plans and dates for the FA filming project. In this discussion we decided that the film would be a shortened 6 minute piece that will go out to hundreds of football clubs as well as other organizations. We decided that we’d aim to take 2 media production students along to each shoot, as we had a good number of students in reserve and could afford to spread the workload (more on that later), We also discussed little details including expenses and transportation. We spent most of the day in Birmingham as it was a long bus route to the FA HQ and the meeting did last for a while.

As we were given the times I took the responsibility to orginise filling up the spots for people to film. I decided to call a meeting for the next Tuesday so we could sort out the groups and also clear out anybody who was no longer intrested, i kept a constant chat going via FaceBook

On the Tuesday most of us got into the group meeting and we arranged our times and also discussed any issues, the finalized timetable can be seen here. I then sent the times to Sunny from the FA via email. below is the email as I sent it.

All I can say beyond this at the moment is that I am really excited for this project, I will be filming next week on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with Anca, Kate and Gergana with help from the journalism students along the way, expect photos and hopefully some videos after these shoots, but for now here’s my update on the pre-profuction work I have done for the FA group.


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