The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Radio Formats – Our idea and marketing.

On Tuesday we opened up with a lecture about on-line presence in formats today and how shows now not only encourage this practice but how many of them rely on it. Shows such as ‘Deal Or No Deal’ for example have a huge online presence. Viewers can interact with the show online in small ways such as entering a competition or checking out the profiles of the contestants, but they can also apply to be a contestant themselves, play along with the show live or play the show in their own time, talk with fellow viewers about the show and more. The point of all this is so the show stays with the audience after the timeslot on television, It can be argued that in a day and age when people can watch a TV show whenever they feel like, shows like this need this level of interactivity to keep the audience interested in what happens and in shows like X factor the audience will want to know they played a part in any outcome.

So what does this mean for my groups show?  Well it shows that whatever we do with the show we have to take the show online and certinanly make the audience feel involved with the product. But how do we do this? what’s the best method? where and how will people see it?

The obvious easy answer would be facebook and twitter, Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site that has over 500 million user accounts obviously that’s a huge market but how many of them would actually pay much attention, it’s difficult to get a new idea of the ground using this method alone. Twitter is a slightly better option, one of the reasons for this at the moment is that it is a (no pun intended) ‘trending topic’ in the media, everyone and their grandmothers seem to be tweeting at the moment but the important thing for us is how simple it is to pass it on through the network, for those that use twitter you will know about the RT feature, for those that don’t it’s simply a way of quoting a tweet that someone else posted, however if enough people talk about our show it will ‘trend’ higher opening new potential audiences wondering what people are talking about, I believe that this is a better method than facebook to get a new show out to an audience but of course there is no reason not to run both. I have set up a twitter account for our show which can be found here.

Now I’ve gone this far without actually talking about how the show is going to be staged so i suppose I should start now.

Our target audience for this show is 18-35 year olds in the C2, D and E demographics, we aim to put this show out between 4 and 6pm (drivetime) We decided on the working class background listener audience as this show is just for fun and laughs and is obvious from our non-prize which is a bar of chocolate, however I want the audience to dislike the host in an ‘anne robinson’ style where the show is as much about beating the host as it is winning the game. Here are the rounds of our show.

Round 1 ‘Wrong is right’: A selection of questions based on general knowledge and the contestant simply has to answer these questions. However, the catch is that they must choose from 2 answers and they must choose the incorrect answer to gain points, in this case any ‘right’ answer will count against the contestant and for every correct answer they will lose one row off their bar of chocolate, which our host will take great pleasure from.

Round 2 ‘Behind your Back’ : 3 friends or relatives of our contestant will state something about the contestant or something they know has happened to the contestant. Jambo will read out the comments and the contestant then needs to guess who said what. for every one the contestant gets wrong Jambo will again take some chocolate from the contestant.

Round 3 ‘Back to front’: A 10 second segment from a very popular song will be played backwards (like this) and the contestant needs to guess what the song is and the artist who sang it to keep what is left of their prize from the other two rounds.

We practied the show with a script that I had prepared the night before. (link) and I think this worked well for the first attempt, I havesince updated the script and this updated script can be found here.

script, ignorance is bliss


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