The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Source radio

Since the start of second year I have been apart of Source Radio. For those that don’t know; Source radio is Coventry University’s Student Radio which broadcasts around campus and online. For the last month I have had a show on Sunday Evenings 10pm-Midnight.

As part of my role I essentially, produce, write and host my shows once a week, I also turn up to meetings that now appear every fornight but until recently were weekly. I usually have guests on my shows and I have also guested myself, on other peoples shows, Namely Samantha’s show covering for her co-presenters that couldn’t make it that day and Jambo and Brian’s ‘Jews At Ten’.

I feel so far I have learnt a lot both technically and in terms of creativity when it comes to radio. I can feel myself getting better at both aspects but I also feel a lot of distance left to travel on certain aspects of my show, I feel that any benefits I get from the radio will help me both in my future career and also in my upcoming marked work (particularly formats)

I noticed a big difference between my show and doing sam’s show in the day, mainly the playlist and tone of the show, I felt that what I played would not be acceptable on daytime radio, partially due to language in some songs, but also due to tone and how the mood would have had to be set beforehand.

I’ve set up a fanpage on Facebook for anybody intrested and you can catch my shows via Ustream and searching Source Radio…Hopefully I’ll be able to record a Podcast soon. 🙂

Times On Air Thus Far (as of 13/11/2010)

Own Show: 6hrs

Guesting: 4hrs


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