The Work Of Shaun Jacques

What Matters To Me…Analysis

The above video was made to demonstrate a point I wanted to speak out about in favor of my chosen subject of video games, I decided to go with the format for two reasons, one: I had seen something similar that worked well on a number of different sites and two: I felt it was a fairly obscure and unique way to grab people’s attention if they had not seen it before. The audio could certainly have been improved if I had more time to recorrect errors but the video took much longer than I had originally expected. I also feel this piece could have been improved if I focused on a particular area rather than try to skim through a number of different points.

On Monday I had my feedback from Steve Dawkins and Green Group. I was happy to see that a lot of the group liked it. stating they liked how the pictures even when placed out of context could both back up the audio and also form a narrative collision between the audio and visuals aswell, this allowed for both visual and audio learners to be interested and hopefully entertained. People also liked how I voiced my opinion throughout the piece making it (as the brief stated) a very personal piece.

Steve had a problem with the piece from his point of view, stating that there was little time to soak up the infomation, he also questioned whether I would only be preaching to the converted, however Charlie then backed me up stating she was in the target demographic, yet all this info was news to her and she enjoyed the video. Bar that the only suggestion made (bar the ones I made myself) was to allow for a longer pause for the audience to consider the questions asked.


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