The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The final shoot.

Well yesterday, we finally did it, we finally had to film our shoot. considering I didn’t post last week I should probably update you as to where I felt we were as a group and where I felt I was as an individual in that group.

The week before I felt at least in my role that I was comfortable, I knew exactly what I’d be doing in my role and I knew that bar a few maybe minor changes that I’d be sorted for the next week, perhaps I felt too comfortable because other aspects of the production seemed to be slipping up and people were getting stresssed, I ended up joining them later, I too was getting annoyed with how long it seemed for anything to get going in practice, whenever the gallery was ready the studio would not be and also whenever the studio was ready the gallery would not be ready, Catch 22 at it’s worst…I was also getting slightly annoyed that some of the points i’d raise up would simply be ignored…I also asked to be involved in the editing porcess but was told that the team was pretty much sorted, meaning that tuesday would be the last day i would work in the group on the project. stress also reached a peak level on the monday due to some people including myself being late for the practice session due to being timed into another module, I feel I should not ever have to choose between modules and rearranging my timetable (which i couldn’t do realistically anyways) and certainly shouldn’t be looked down upon because of it. I managed to contact a friend to do a soundtrack score for the quiz, at this moment I believe the group are planning to use this for the edit that is currently ongoing, I asked him to do 30 and 45 second loops of the score he had set at 1m 30s so it could gel better with the show. I forgot to mention that we settled on the name ‘Prize and Prejudice’ for the show. below is the layout for the quiz show:

My camera on the contestants

Round one- Quick fire round. Contestants have 30 seconds to answer as many questions as they can and collectively put money into the pot. This is the same sort of style as The Weakest Link, as everyone is working together to achieve the highest amount of money possible. Each successful answer gives the contestant £500, and when a question is wrong, they loose said money.

Round two- Buzzer round. For this round the contestants will buzz in when they know the answer to the question. For this round the money is doubled to £1000 per question, and again if answered incorrectly they will loose the £1000. As the quiz continues the money at steak gets higher, as does the toughness of the questions.

Round three– after round two, the audience will have voted of a contestant. Thus leaving two contestants to battle for the prize money. The contestant who got voted out from the previous round will decide what the subject is for the questions of round three on the remaining contestants. This will make it so that the questions are very difficult for the contestants, as the person who has been voted off will probably not want to see anyone else winning the prize money.

Round four– Final round. In the last round there is just one contestant left. The prize money is already theirs, however it is down to the studio audience if they should take it or gamble it all. This is the main audience interaction part of the show, letting them decide the fate of the prize money. Depending on if the audience likes the contestant they will either chose to make them gamble the money (In which they can double it or loose everything) or keep it safely.

In the filming we only filmed the first 2 rounds and ended the show on an ad break. below is the full running order we also had a shooting script which I will try to upload ASAP

Item Studio Gallery Duration
1. Titles VT + Music 0:10
2. Intro Host intros show. GFX 


3. Intro to contestants Background info on contestants 


VT 1:00
4. Vote Audience vote for 3 contestants 0:30
5. Contestant intro Host intros 3 winning contenders 0:30
6. LINK Host intros rounds 0:30
7. Quickfire Round Host + 3 contestants Q&A round. 


GFX 4:00 

(50 seconds each)

8. LINK Host 0:30
9. Buzzer Round Host + contestants Q&A round GFX 1:00
10. Vote Off. Host + contestants 

Studio audience vote.



11. Sign off Host breaks for adverts. 




12. Competition for viewers at home VO GRAB 



Intro to Round 3

Host + Contestants. 

LINK to round 3.

Choice of category by loser contestant.



14. Round 3 Host + Contestants Q&A Round. GFX 1:00
15. Eviction Host evicts loser contestant. 0:30
16. Gamble or Nothing? Host LINK to final round. 

Audience vote ‘ gamble or not’



17. Final Question. 


Host + Contestant 1:00
18. SIGN-OFF + Goodbye Host + contestant 0:10



























The actual filming went much better than I expected to be honest, when we were all settled and everyone was ready, It seemed to go fine. there were certain scenes that needed recording twice, (I was slightly annoyed by one scene we rushed before Yasmin had to leave which I felt would not ‘flow’ well in editing, I wish I was involved in editing to see if my presumptions were right, despite some moans we did refilm the scene and I felt it worked better because of it) In the end I felt the lighting and set design worked well, and hopefully that’s shown well in the edit, In conclusion, despite a few bump and grinds I feel we may have a good show here, David is a good presenter and felt he took his role well, I believe that when we were focused as a team (which maybe wasn’t as often as I would have liked) We could produce good quality stuff, the final shoot didn’t feel like the final shoot to be honest it felt relaxed, however I was tired and exhausted by the end of it (so much so I have now messed up my entire sleeping pattern from the celebration nap)

also below are the questions I researched which we didn’t end up using:

Easy –
Which artists’ hits include: ‘Poker Face’, ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Just Dance’…. A# Lady Gaga
Which of these is NOT a music based magazine? Kerrang, NME or Hello…..A# Hello

Fairly Easy –
Robbie Williams has a famous career as a solo artist but he is also known for being a singer in which boy band?….A# Take That
The musical ‘Mamma Mia’ is based on the songs of which band?……..A# ABBA

Medium –
Which artist had a number one single in Summer 2004 with the song ‘Dry Your Eyes?’……A# The Streets
God Save the queen is a 70’s punk song by which band?……A# Sex Pistols

Hard –
The highest selling UK single of all time is a song by Elton John released in 1997 which sold nearly 5 Million copies in this country alone, but what is the name of that song?……..A# Candle in The Wind ‘97’ (Note: Diana’s funeral song)
Bruce Dickinson, Paul D’anno and Blaze Bayley have all been the lead singer for which British Heavy Metal Band?…….A# Iron Maiden.

Specialist –
In 2006 Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ was the first song to do ‘what?’ in the UK charts?…….A# Reach number one in the charts based solely on Downloads
Name the documentary released in 2004 documenting the heavy metal band Metallica and there near break up whilst creating their album St.Anger………A# Some Kind Of Monster

Gen Knowledge

Who is the Prime Minister of the U.K? A# David Cameron
How many pennies are in a pound? A# 100

Fairly Easy
Who created the Muppets ? A# Jim Henson
In what year did man first walk on the moon? A# 1969

What does the abbreviation E.G. stand for ? A# Exempli gratia or for example
What does BBC stand for? A# British Broadcasting Corporation

When is Saint Georges Day? A# 23rd April
What is 40% of 40? A# 16

Which is the longest river in Britain? A# River Severn
In what Year were the Olympic games first televised? A# 1956


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