The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Back to square one?

On Tuesday we had our group meeting with Karen in the Ellen Terry Basement, as usual, we disscussed the in’s and out’s of our current quiz structure, essentially we were put back, for it being too similar to the weakest link, which to be honest I kind of agree with (even if i believe originally it would have just been a jeopardy clone but aw well) we were also told we did not have enough rounds set up for the show, even if we weren’t planning to film them all, we should have them prepared for the format structure. She seemed to be dissapointed that we’d shunned off the idea of filming a show based around the game operation as she felt that had potential, but we felt would be impossible to film, particularly with deadlines fast approaching.

With Karen’s guidance we decided to go down the route of a general quiz show where the audience helps decide who go’s through, now this wasn’t a bad idea, but someone had the idea of all the contestants being somehow related to each other (I had the idea of Co-workers) and was disappointed that our group didn’t consider this option beyond a quick listen, The idea of the show is that contestants start as a team and then have to dispatch their teammates so they can win the full prize themselves, imagine the added pressure and drama if the contestants had to meet up with each other again on a Monday morning at work? could that change the gameplay? could it make some interesting TV and drama? I thought yes. but I suppose my group disagreed.

We have two rough titles for the show, these are ‘Power to the people’ and ‘Mob Rules’ We had a group discussion in the common room after wards where we discussed things such as set designs, etc… in all honesty i kinda left people to it I chipped in where I could, but set design is certainly one of my weakest skills in media production, I agreed to the suggested podiums admitting it’s how I imagined the stands in my head, but beyond that I felt Rochelle and the others would be better off taking more of a role on this aspect. We also presented our questions today via facebook, sorry again that I can’t show my questions and research but I don’t want any of our contestants to see…sorry wordpress.

In reflection of today, I felt that things have taken a turn for the better in our production, however there are still many steps we need to take, I feel comfortable in my role, I just hope that I can make more of an impact beyond my designated camera role over the next week and a bit.


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