The Work Of Shaun Jacques


On Monday, I had a lecture on Context in media and finding my own ‘voice’ we looked into different methods of making a film and how each of the styles created their own voice but also how it was effected by the culture or politics around them; such as a number of Marcel Lozinskii films. These styles were journalistic, documental and palemical.

We then watched one of the said directors films, which has been reviewed in a previous post. I then proceeded to the first of two workshops, where we discussed potential issues for us to gain a ‘voice’ about and to film a short documentary for later in the week, the theme for this was ‘inequality’.

Our group of 5 discussed in detail a number of issues, including but not restricted to… ‘Class War’, ‘Student Loans’, ‘Prejudice’, ‘Ethnicity’ and ‘disability’. It also made us question why do we as producers create media? does it stem from an interest on a technical level, or do we really want to change something? I don’t think I’m alone in thinking, that I left the seminar with more questions about myself and my task than answers.

We were told in our second workshop to do a documentary in a different way ‘I.E’ not just question simple yes or no answers’ and to consider something similar to the ‘Aquarian’ filmmaking of ‘anything can happen’. where the director didn’t ask people their opinions on subjects, he just changed an element and let them answer questions that had not been asked.

We then decided to go with an idea suggested by Laura Garwood, in which we would ask members of the public (OK, university students) two questions, we’d ask them to tell us a bit about themselves and also what was in their pockets. we felt this would be a way to edge around how students cope with the finances they have be it from work or the government or whatever and also glance on class but by leaving the audience to come to their own conclusions on how they are handling the financial side of student life.

We filmed the documentary on Wednesday at the SU and edited the video over Thursday and Friday. keep an eye on the blog for the finished video.


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