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Toy Story 3

Warning! contains some spoilers.

…Well here it is, Without a doubt the biggest family film of the summer has finally hit British shores and earlier today, yours truly caught the (assumed) conclusion to the series of films that single handedly made a name of Pixar and arguably saved Disney’s empire. The film is of course ‘Toy Story 3’, but before I type down my thoughts of Toy Story 3, I’d like to share my opinions on the short film that preceded the 3D showing of this film.

‘Day and Night’ is a short 6 minute film that shows two different drawings which represent Day and Night as two polar opposite personalities, The film is a very nice animation piece which did a raise a couple of giggles from me, but what impressed me was it’s animation style which combined 2D and 3D images in a way I don’t feel I’ve seen before, In conclusion this is a very nice film that shows off the 3D elements that Pixar will further showcase in their feature presentation.

Now onto Toy Story…The film begins with a very well constructed ‘dream world’ I suppose which shows the young Andy’s imagination is brought to life and shows a nice introduction to all the main characters if this happens to be the first Toy Story you’ve ever seen or have forgotten over the 8 years or so since Toy Story 2. This is then cut sharply to andy playing with his toy’s like a young kid would whilst his mother is recording it on video. We are then transported to the modern day where Andy is now at the age where he is getting ready to leave for college and it is revealed that the toy’s have been unused for years.


‘I’d like to point out at this stage that I applaud the writing staff for aging the character along with the audience, I really believe that this has brought a lot of old fans back to see the film that probably wouldn’t have had they had kept Andy as he was, (which despite the long gap between 2 and 3 wouldn’t have been too hard for the audience to believe.) This, in my opinion adds a lot of potential for the toys to develop their motivations and alliances, but on a more personal note, It’s kinda cool that I was about Andy’s age when the first Toy Story came out and could still relate to him in this film because of the characters age in this one.’

…and back. The Toys then have a meeting where they try in vain to get Andy to notice them and to care once again for them, despite one last effort, they realize that they’re plans are futile and they’re preparing for what the future holds.  This scene to me in a way seemed to be a sly way of the writers getting in the notion of a Toy ‘Death’ one that is hinted at in numerous occasions throughout the entire movie and despite the colourful collection of antagonists in not only this film but the whole of the Toy Story series, the real enemy for the gang has always been time. The gang seem to realize that this is it and that they knew this day would always come but just didn’t think it would be so soon, again i’m quite dark and compared it to death, but some more joyful people may see it as a proxy for a parent saying goodbye to their child, which is evidenced in proxy and with the characters during the film as well.

But the main reason I consider that an acceptance of death scene is the ‘afterlife’ which follows, we are shown glimpses of Toy Heaven and what appears to be the gangs Toy Hell and at the very end you could even consider a proxy on reincarnation but again I’m probably looking to in depth into this.

I hope this ramble hasn’t put you off because, thankfully the writers have remembered that it is still a comedy and there are some truly memorable scenes that will have the whole room in laughter, particularly a great escape inspired scene involving Mr. Potato Head. The story whilst not too unpredictable does present some great new characters including one as a truly convincing villain which you may or may not expect to see.

That’s all I’ll say because I fear i’ll spoil the rest of the film for anybody that actually reads this, but as a final piece, I conclude that I hope that this is the last Toy Story film, because they have truly raised their game and created a great ending to a series that was a special part of a new exciting generation of film and film making techniques in cinema aimed at families and despite being a darker take on the series their is nothing that should stop children or adults from enjoying this film.

P.S I didn’t cry at the ending but I can understand why some people would.


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