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‘Loves Got The World In Motion’

Well It’s that time that comes only once every 4 years and that is The World Cup, of course at this time It’s over half way through, but I aim to give my review of it so far, not only of the football, but the coverage and the cultural effect that the competition brings with it every time it pops it’s head around.

I’d like to start by commenting that I am a big football fan, I support Manchester United (I’m aware some of you may call that contradictory) and my home country of England. However I have found the majority of this world cup to be very dull, combined that with the dreadful sound of the god-awful Vuvuzelas and some truly awful coverage (ITV HD viewers can certainly comment on that) and I’ve found myself watching a lot less of the football this year than I would have thought a month or so ago. Of course the world cup has had some spectacular moments bringing with it it’s usual highs and lows, I still am shocked at the fact that Italy and France (The two finalists at the last World Cup) are out already, in fact they both finished bottom of their groups against teams which ‘on paper’ should have been walkovers, I could spend an entire post talking about the French Collapse on it’s own, but I’ll leave you to Google search another blogger to give a much better representation of it, because I’m sure you could find a lot of them.

One thing I feel I can comment on is the English football team, now I’m not going to say who should and shouldn’t be in the squad and say that I could do a better job myself, but I’m sure if you are an English native you have met a number of people in the last few days that would have done just that. One thing I love and Hate about any major sporting competition (European Championships, Wimbledon,etc…) is the national ‘Pride’ that comes with it.

Just before the world cup started the nation changed, You can’t go anywhere without spotting English flags on the side of windows in shops and houses and I love it (even if i think the car flags look a bit stupid) I’m all for people flying their nations flags and showing their support for their country (although why is it only when a sporting event comes up?) however with that comes the negative aspect of that…According to the daily bulls**t (A.K.A ‘The Sun’) many pubs were going to ban England shirts from being worn in the premises and this bought the usual, racist, nationalistic and narrow-minded questionings and hatred of anyone but the English that I almost think the sun wanted to bring up (I mean come on, Controversy sells papers) You only need to look at the stupid comments on the many facebook groups setup against this supposed action to see some of the negatives that national ‘pride’ can bring to the country.

National ‘Pride’ also seems to mean destroying taste, particularly musical taste, now i’ve never felt that the Top 40 is ever filled with ‘good’ songs, but at the moment it’s just filled with frankly terrible England football songs, every man and his dog seems to have released a world cup song, including ‘Comedian’ (?) James Corden & Rapper Dizzie Rascal, Russel Brand and Robbie Williams, Former England Manager Terry Veneables (Why? Seriously) Coventry band ‘Pint Shot Riot’, Rik Mayall, A ‘Come On Eileen’ cover imaginatively called ‘Come On England’ and even a quickly written song performed as a one off by We Are scientists. As well as these we are seeing the return of John Barnes rapping his so-bad-it’s good rap in the New Order song ‘World In Motion’ in the latest ‘Mars’ adverts. Most of these ‘songs’ are quite frankly terrible and If I was a tourist visiting England for the first time during the World Cup, I’d probably leave thinking that the English were all tone-death idiots who’d buy anything that is marketed to them (‘…Wait a minute in the case of the general record buying public I do think that’) but imagaine being an american watching your first game of football and hearing the english fans singing along to Terry Flaming Veneables.

Speaking of The U.S I am currently listening to them get beaten by Ghana, This may of course change by the time I post this but I am hoping for a Ghanaian victory (literally as I typed that the U.S got a penalty, Damn Karma) but I’d like to congratulate the US in this World Cup, not only on their ‘Victory’ against the english, but on the fact that The U.S now seem to finally be interested in the beautiful game 17.1 Million Americans tuned in to the USA-England game and on average viewing figures are up 68% from the previous World Cup, It’d be nice for them to accept ‘football’ into their culture and also while they’re at it if they could stop trying to sell us their running advert disguised as a sport which they also call ‘football’

I’d like to end this post on a few things, one is that because I am not watching as much football as I thought I would I can say that the removal of such characters from TV Broadcasts would help me to watch more ‘non-english’ matches:

  • Adrain Chiles (Please, Please, Please)
  • Mick McCarthy (Although his commentary did make me switch to Chris Moyles’ alternative commentary which was entertaining)
  • James Corden (Not watched his WC show, don’t want to, his adverts on ITV are bad enough)
  • Emmanuel Adebayor
  • Robbie Earle (Oh Wait…Link)

So this has been my not very well organized rant and thoughts on the World Cup So Far, I don’t believe that England have had the best of starts but A win against Germany will quickly solve any problems tomorrow in my opinion and thank god Wimbledon is a secondary story this year 🙂 despite some moans I hope you understand I love the World Cup and will miss it when it is finished but every good thing has it’s bad points and fortunately I am now going to devote my full attention to a very entertaining Football match between USA and Ghana.



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