The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The Gents Show

The final show is availbe via this link

Whilst having out presentations today I thought about how we could distribute this. The best way I feel would be online like we have via Dailymotion, if possible I would like to put it on iTunes as a podcast, but how could this be marketed?

Well first, we’ve started off quite well with a website and a twitter page, this would help promote our show and let people know that it exists but we would also have to advertise it well in more traditional methods, perhaps an ad in a newspaper or a plug on a television show of some sort, as well as that we would have to work on our image, especially if we were to charge for downloads as people want to see that they are paying for quality and anything that looks cheap won’t be paid for, I noted that most covers for podcasts on iTunes are more like traditional CD covers rather than DVD’s (i.e square not rectangle) with this in mind I quickly created a podcast cover for our show, if it where available to download as part of podcast service.

I wanted to give the image a dark feel but at the same time make it quite bright and lively,without it looking cheap. Comments would be great as I am still trying out new ideas in photoshop, but I wanted to try and link the work in 113 MC to the photo editing skills I am developing outside the course,


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