The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The Final Shoot

On the day of the filming shoot I was instructed just before I left my house by our producer Jake to get some blank discs from the city centre on the way to the shoot so we could burn the music loops which can be heard at points in the finished product, I met up with our camera operator Sam Davies and we searched through the town to get some discs for the job (not actually as easy as it sounds all the usual places had sold out of them) we then met up with our group at the ellen terry building where they had just booked out the equipment and were fireproofing the set ready for the amazing G’s wallet trick. (you know just in case)

We then started to build the set, I helped by bringing in one of the couches and then mainly passing pins and other such items to the people putting the wallpaper up, at the end i pretty much did the same roles dismantiling the set except this time i was on the ladder bringing the wallpaper down.

I was impressed with how quickly we managed to sort the set out this time, it was easily the fastest run through we had, once I sat down at my desk I asked emma to put up the first graphic so I could take out the blue ready for the first take, I made one error at this setup however, I forgot to turn the dial which controls the crossfade to zero it was instead set to two seconds, which creates a nice fade effect but not what I wanted for the initial shots. (although to be fair to everyone the first take was more of a test run anyways)

We were accompanied in the gallery by Bex, Karen and Karen’s son, I found this at times to be a bit distracting particularly during segments where I had to do several things at once, Also our last take was quite easily our best and this was when we were left to do it ourselves so I believe I’m not the only one that was able to work better with just us there.

As mentioned above, our last take was our best and is the one that we handed in for marking but we did have a couple of problems including camera 2 jumping whilst the programme monitor had the image up, but all in all everyone seemed to be at thier best for the last shoot.

Here is the running order of the show and what I had to do for each segment.

  • Show Menu (00:50) – chroma blue out of graphic and then place it over camera 2’s shot then remove the image and fade into VT
  • Title VT (00:10) – fade into intro to ice skating VT
  • Intro to Ice Skating VT (00:50) – switch cameras so that they were on the person talking and then to camera 2 as they introduced the piece then fade to VT
  • Ice Skating VT (03:35) – at end fade to studio
  • Interview with Mike Smith and Disco (02:30) – again switch between discussing cast and also make sure the scene opened with the jib shots and also to chroma in mike smiths graphic when he sat down. then fade into VT
  • Voxpops VT (00:50) – fade into next piece
  • Football Vs Rugby debate (01:00) – same technique as the interview – the graphic
  • Introduce man up challenge (00:30) – fade out to Vt
  • Man up challenge VT (02:30) – fade back to studio at end
  • VT disco/agony aunt – (01:30) – This was a fairly easy part as it required little camera changes
  • Competition Plug (00:30) – I placed the competition GFX on after she started the question and then faded into the two male presenters
  • Introduce G (00:15) – Made sure the camera was right at the fade and stuck with it until they actually introduced G
  • Magic Tricks (02:00) – Chromoerd graphic and constantly switched camera
  • Presenters join in (02:00) lots of camera switching again
  • Wrap up (00:40) chromored out blue from VT (not as easy) and stuck with camera 2 for the ending then faded to black.

after all this we cleared up and we celebrated a job well done.


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