The Work Of Shaun Jacques

My personal development during Broadcast Production

I took on the role of vision mixer during this module, this was a role that I had no previous experience with, so obviously I had to learn how to use the equipment and this taught me a number of things not only about my role but about the roles of the people around me and how I needed to work together with them.

Hard at work at the vision mixing desk

As well as this I needed to help out with other aspects of the show, we all turned up for the first few script meetings and laid the groundwork for what would become the gents show, within a few days we pretty much knew where we wanted to take the show and this was then scripted later on.

I also helped film the ‘Football’ VT in which our group went into the streets of Coventry to ask for people’s opinions on the best ever football players and who they’d want to play in the upcoming world cup. This was a lot of fun to film and we all did our part to try and get some varied and interesting people for the shoot.

We all gave a big hand in designing the set, pretty much everyone can be proud of that in my opinion, this was where the teamwork aspect of the gents show really shown through, I’m not a fan of producing sets nor do I believe I am any good at it, but it was a great team effort that we all put in to make it work.

didn't really stop to take pictures, notice your blogging hero's shorts to the right of this picture.

But to even begin any of those we always needed to keep in touch with each other for any changes and to know when to meet up, I set up a facebook group so that the group could inform everyone of any ideas, meetings and changes that were being made.

It was especially important for me to know the running order and in particular what shots Director David wanted and when he wanted them, this would mean that I could work through my task mainly without him needing to say so as I would be fully aware of what he’d want and at what time he’d want it.

Our practicing sessions were always a good laugh and we’d almost always get the set up (well what we had at the point anyways) it was good to see everyone working together to setup but at times I felt that there were almost too many of us in the room at once leaving some of us not feeling needed (i.e: only two people could really setup the set as we only had one ladder so there was little else to do but watch for everyone else) once we were in our mode I was surprised how seriously we all took the practicing sessions each and every time, I was worried that people would just think to leave it until near the end and just joke about at the start, I’m glad to say I had no reason to worry, everyone seemed genuinely interested and determined in making the orange group the best group of 113MC.

at the start I had a go at as many roles as possible and I continued to have a go at some roles in my own time, I had a few tries at graphics to use in the show, I had a go at some sound mixing, I even gave a cheeky hand to my friends in blue group by working as a second camera operator for one of their cooking VT’s (which at the time of writing I’m not sure if they used or not)

unused graphic

So as a conclusion I believe that this module went really well, there were a few problems that I forgot to mention such as some of the group having more input than others, everyone getting a bit stressed near the end and a lack of a solid group idea for set until near the end, but apart from these now forgotten worries, everyone worked well as a team, despite it’s size compared to other module groups I believe that this is the best team I have worked with in Coventry. I believe I have developed a number of skills in this module and I am looking forward to continuing it in my second year.


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