The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Here’s Your Letter

(Response to this post)

Hey Shaun

I’d first of all like to point out a mistake, that was me from Eight Months ago, but don’t worry it’s not like you could have expected that.

I believe you’ll be fairly impressed with what you have achieved in such a short space of time, not only in your course, but in your social life and future prospects but knowing you like I do, You will want more, You certainly need to be looking beyond this first year.

You will have coped with the pressures of university better than you would have initially thought, You have made some great mates, some of them I’m sure will be a huge part of your life for years to come. You will have problems with your course during this first year, but just get through it and don’t let things seem worse than they are. You don’t have a part-time job at the moment, but you are coping with money management pretty well (honest!) and when it comes to voicing your opinion, you’ve certainly become more confident with it (in fact friendly advice, maybe it’s better to keep it to yourself after a few drinks 😉 )

The people at uni are awesome, There’s many different types of people and you are conversing with people you probably wouldn’t have a year ago, but this is nothing but a good thing, Also you will start to regret not paying attention in GCSE French, just saying. You are certainly more independent, but you have not forgotten how you got there and who helped you get to where you are in 8 months, but word of advice, remember to call your family a little more often so they know that 🙂

Although you won’t know what you want to do at the end of the course, your eyes will certainly have been open to other areas,

Yeah, I’m pretty busy at the moment, I’m just finishing off my last piece for 101MC, amazingly this ties into it, but I don’t mind answering to the letter you spent so long writing.

See Ya Later.



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