The Work Of Shaun Jacques

My Role – Vision Mixer

:D!!! as mentioned in my last post I aimed to get the role of Vision Mixer in my group, I am glad to say I achieved this, but what exactly do I do?

A Vision Mixer (also known as a production switcher) switches between several different video sources (up to 8 for Coventry University’s Gallery) this can be achieved via hard cuts, fades and special effects.

The main buttons that I will be using is known as the ‘bus’ essentially this is a row of buttons representing a video source (E.g Camera 1 = source 1) Coventry University has a fairly modern ‘Flip-Flop’ bus setup which shows both a preview screen and a production screen, what this means is that the director can see what type of shot he will be getting in the preview before actually committing to it in the broadcast. There is also the ‘T-Bar’ which applies fades between the production and the preview shot, as well as being used for adding chromokey and other effects, which brings me onto the third bus, this can be seen near the top of the pictured vision mixer, this allows me to decide on different special effects, it also helps me to use the chromokey effects easily. To apply a graphic above the TV image I have to take all the background colour out of a graphic, in this case I use blue.

I think that so far I have found Vision mixing to be a lot of fun, but it is by no means an easy task, however so far I have been getting on well with it and I feel comfortable with how I have been performing as Green Groups Vision Mixer thus far.


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