The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Extra – Cirricular – Activities

Now i’m going to start this blog post with a very blunt statement: I have not made the most of my free time during my first year. Now don’t get me wrong it’s not like i’ve been sitting around doing nothing (really it’s not) but I feel in hindsight that I should have motivated myself to just try some kit for some more projects outside of what I was ‘told’ to do.

But I have been using my time to build upon my skills in other ways, a few months ago I acquired Photoshop CS4, that combined with my Add+Vantage moudle helped me to pick up some more advanced photo editing techniques and not a day goes past at the moment where I don’t have a go with different edits and photo repairs via this program, this will help me in any graphics I decide to create for any projects I do in the future (in fact I’ve made a few graphics for 113MC which may or may not be used)

I’ve also tried to use the knowledge I’ve already gained to help students in other subject areas, for example, just yesterday I helped out a friend in Graphic Design that wanted to know how to edit a video together, I felt the knowledge I had gained so far in this course helped to made this easy for me to teach at a basic level.

I’ve started looking around for any work experience and film shooting opportunities, I have applied for many screenings at BBC filmings to get a feel for how a show is brought onto the screen and I am keeping an eye in the local area for any film shootings that take place, during the summer I plan to look in my hometown for any work experience opportunities particularly hoping for the local radio station.

One thing I’ve noticed during this year is that I’ve been going to the cinema a lot more often and my DVD collection has grown a considerable amount, I’m at the cinema at least once a week at the moment and I am seeing quite diverse films and seeing some new intresting ideas from across the world which I am looking to incorporate into my work, I have also seen some stuff that just makes me think I could do better. As well as that I find myself openly praising/criticizing any visual or lighting elements I see whenever I go to see a band perform a gig.

I’ve been doing quite abit of photography during my free time, again I haven’t really shown it off, but I have countless images of events and activites I have been to over the year, I’m thinking of upgrading my camera in the near future and I shall aim to be a bit more open with my pictures.

While I’m aware i could be doing more, I feel that I am expanding my knowledge of media production outside of the course, however I know  I need to get more experience to prove this.


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