The Work Of Shaun Jacques

What Inspires Me?

I thought about what inspires me, what has made me get to the point I am at now and what is encouraging me to carry on into the future, I decided to talk quickly about 6 things that have inspired me and continue to inspire me to this day, 3 of these are from a production point of view and the other 3 are from a more personal point of view.

First are my inspirations on a media production level, First in this is:

Charlie Brooker: Charlie Brooker may be a fairly new face to a number of you reading this blog, others may have seen him on shows such as ‘You Have Been Watching’ and ‘Screenwipe’ the latter of which is why I hold this man in such high regard, Charlie is a man that can point out any flaw within Television, his attention to detail is quite impressive and he can make his reviews be it on paper or on video very entertaining and funny. I shall also admit to spending my ‘revision’ time watching screenwipe and newswipe and trying to incorporate his style into my own work.

Joss Whedon: Joss is most famous as the creator of ‘Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’ but I’m yet to find anything that isn’t gold which has this man’s seal of approval. I find his ideas and character development to always be interesting and original, this is evidenced in recently finished US drama ‘dollhouse’ where a character was entertaining and was encouraged to grow despite the fact that ‘character’ would have their memory erased at the end of each episode. Complicated, I know, but without a visionary writer and director like Whedon, this show would almost certianly be impossible to follow if ever thought of at all. I can’t even begin to count the amount of hours his shows have taken from my life but I would certianly like to incorporate his style into any pieces I make in the future.

Quentin Tarantino: I just mentioned how I would like to incorporate Joss’ style into some of my work in the future, I could use the same compliment with tarantino’s pieces, almost all of his films seem similar from the promotion, almost certainly having a gun in every promotional poster, but each of his projects brings something which makes his audience shocked, An example would be in his latest film ‘Inglourious Basterds’ where the audience was expected to be taken down the route of a typical WWII film albeit with a modern twist, but instead got a engaging storyline which rewarded people for it’s time, What makes me look up to this man so much is his ability to keep the audience entertained in whatever way he decides, be it huge sword fights a’la Kill Bill or 30 minute Pokerface scenes A’la Inglourious.

And now for what inspires me on a personal level, as I feel that has just as much relevance, for without determination, we are nothing.

Music: To try and understate the importance music has made to me as a person is fairly easy, I’ve come up dozens of story ideas from just listening to some music, I have completed countless assaingments with a tune blaring through my stereo or playing in my head. Particually what inspires me in my media production is musical stories which can be found in songs (some obvious, others I try to interpret a meaning) in particualr I have to say that the man pictured ‘Frank Turner’ is one of the main musicians which both inspire some ideas from me and also help me to calm after a stressful film shoot or session.

Video Games:…Now hear me out on this, This may seem like a useless hobby to a lot of people and sometimes they are more than right to think so, but one thing that video games can give to someone is the skill of perseverance, Games such as ‘Final Fantasy’ have shown me that you don’t always get things right in the first attempt but you can always learn from your mistakes and do it better next time, It seems like a small thing, but the ability to never give up is a hard one to keep hold off and I would put some of my perseverance down to ‘wasting’ hours of my life on a particular mission only to have to do it all again, but without complaints.

Home: …And finally My hometown, family and friends…Originally I wanted to come to university to get out of my home town and while I’m still glad to have made the decision to go to university, it has made me appreciate what I had back home and will never forget my roots. This brings me nicely onto my family, the main motivation I have above all else, is to make sure I don’t disappoint the people that helped to get me where I am. I may have mentioned somewhere on this blog that I am the first member of my immediate family to have gone to university and that only encourages me to do my best and get the most out of my time in Coventry. Finally I’d like to thank my course mates for being competition and inspiration throughout the year, as well as some being a great laugh


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