The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Isabella (2006)

Isabella is a film which was created in Hong Kong, It was directed by Pang Ho-Chenug and stars Chapman To (‘Internal Affairs’) and Isabella Leong (Dragon Squad,The Mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor)

The film is set in 1999 on the eve of the Portuguese handover of Macau to China, Police officer Shing has been suspended for suspected corruption, He spends his nightlife as a bachelor consistently having one night stands with different girls, one night a girl by the name of Yan catches his attention, he later discovers that she is his daughter, Shing’s bachelor lifestyle begins to fall apart as Yan insists on living under his roof and Yan is adamant to find her lost puppy ‘Isabella’ the last connection she has to her recently deceased mother.

I found the film to be very interesting, but extremely hard to follow, there were several scenes where I couldn’t quite get what the character’s intentions were, but overall I quite enjoyed the film, particularly the music springs out in my mind which really added a lot to the feel of the movie, there’s plenty of twists and turns in this movie which I don’t want to give away but if you find the time I would recommend giving this film a try, as you could certainly do a lot worse.

P.S: I understand why a film would need product placement, but I couldn’t believe how often we were bombarded with the Carlsberg logo, a nice (if fairly weak) source of humour for me and my friends in this viewing.


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