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Try It Yourself…

I have just finished my second week on my TV studio module and now is the time I can start to give some feedback about my own progress and also the progress of our group. I am happy to say I feel that our group is starting off extremely well and I feel that we all have strong ideas and we can all offer something different to the group. when it comes to my own progress I feel that i’ve started off fairly well while trying out a number of different roles in the TV studio. here is my opinion on each of the roles I have had a try at during the studio sessions:

Director: To be fair, I quite enjoyed the director role, but because nobody knew exactly what was going on I found it quite stressful, I imagine this would be a lot easier once everyone had settled into their roles, however maybe this role isn’t for me overall.

PA: I didn’t mind this role either, a lot of people seemed to struggle with it but I had no major concerns and was surprisingly a lot more interesting than I first thought it would be

Vision Mixer: Now given the choice, this is the role I’ll be doing for the final project, I’m sure i’m not the only one in my group to think that so I may have a fight on my hands, but the role it self I found very intresting and I also felt I was good at the role.

Sound Mixer: Probably not for me, admittedly we didn’t have the sound setup in the studio properly but I just couldn’t get the sound to the level I wanted, with practice i’m sure I would get better, but i would rather try another role.

Floor Manager: This role wasn’t too bad, but i felt on my own when I didn’t hear what was going on in the gallery, even if i will probably not be taking on this role for the final project, it has definatly made me realise the importance of constant feedback and updates from the gallery

Presenter: Now I will certinaly not be taking on this role in the final project, but as with floor manager I realised how bad it can be if you are not given constant updates of what is going on.

Camera Operator: There would be something wrong with me if I didn’t like using the cameras, the main problem I had however was deciding between ‘nice’ shots and being a bit more adventurous, again once a script has been sorted, the camera movements would be a bit more obvious and easier to accomplish without causing a bad shot for the gallery to use.

Here’s my brief look into the TV studio sessions, I have another practice session on Tuesday before our group decide once and for all what our roles will be for the rest of the term…wish me luck!


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