The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Inspiration – Renegades

As you may have noticed throughout this blog, music plays a big role in my life, despite the fact I can’t play an instrument. One of my favourite bands is Feeder (who just so happen to be playing this years summer ball :D, fingers crossed i can go) As well as touring under the name feeder, they now have a ‘side-project’ by the name of ‘Renegades’


Great news so far, but I am blogging about the interesting way they are now marketing this side project and how they have managed to get the fans involved. Renegades have stressed that they want to go back to the DIY promotion which feeder used when they started in the mid-90’s, but in this day and age they have gone with a slight twist, they are selling exclusive ep’s only at thier live shows and a very limited number via thier webstore, as far as i’m aware there is nowhere to buy .mp3’s of the song except for a couple of free singles. and in turn this makes the band more of an experience, rather than just a CD or an mp3.

Now even more interesting from a media production point of view is that they are asking fans to film the gig for use in official promotional videos, while this is not the first time it has been done (Bloc Party’s filming for the ‘ares’ video springs to mind) I can’t think of a band that is doing it at a bigger scale than Renegades. It really wants me to catch em on tour and film myself,as mentioned in my cabinet of curiosity’s, I like seeing the fans viewpoint from a gig, rather than a camera on or behind the stage.

I shall be seeing them in the summer under the name of Renegades at ‘Sonisphere’ festival and you can guarantee that I will have my camera out especially if they play another feeder ‘cover’ like this…

I believe that acts like this from bands encourage the fans to get involved with thier music and make it something of their own and it has certianly inspired me to get my camera ready for the next few gigs I have. (Keep an eye on my youtube channel)


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