The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Who To vote for? Media and Interwebz Help!!!!

This will be the first general election that I will be able to vote in, but I am undecided who to vote for.

I can admit that I am not very up-to-date with politics or know much on policies (but I know enough that I don’t want to vote for Tory or BNP) so I was very intrested in this site  This site asks a series of questions which help give an idea on which political party you should vote for.

The results above show that I am divided between labour and the lib dems in the main three political parties (I could have also added BNP, Green and UKIP parties into this embed) while this hasn’t completly changed my view for may 6th it has definatly given me reason to look further into Lib Dem and Labour policys.

However annoyingly the embedding feature doesn’t work


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