The Work Of Shaun Jacques

A reflection of my 2nd term

Well…let’s be honest, I haven’t been blogging as much as probably should be, There’s no reason behind that but my own laziness really, but that’s all about to change, I thought i’d start my new attempt at consistent blogging by looking back at the last term and the 111mc and 112mc modules.

First off I’d like to say that I learnt a lot from 111mc, despite my very dissapointing grade which I believe was down to our final finished piece which I honestly believed could have been a lot better and my own lack of evidence of working (lack of blog updates maybe?) What I did learn was valuable skills in finding a character and even if i learnt this the hard way this term I also learnt about how important it is to have a dedicated plan and story before starting off any filming.

112mc was a module I am glad to see the back of in all honesty, I found the lectures to be intresting and insightful, but the tasks we were asked to do were so basic it really put me off looking further in depth beyond it hence why I posted close to the minimum for the 112mc module…but as I said I have learnt quite a bit from mez over the course of the lectures and it has also made me think twice about the infomation I place online and also made me consider what direction the media is heading towards..

I am really looking forward to the TV studio work that will begin at the start of next term, I went to Bex’s induction workshops and learned loads in the space of a couple of hours. It’s almost making me want to skip past the easter holidays.

and also I haven’t forgotten about 101mc, expect plenty of posts relating to that module over the next six weeks, again I feel I slacked a little a bit on the blog last term and my 101mc section has suffered heavily from that, but I promise you, the reader (whether it be, student, lecturer or casual observer) that you won’t be waiting too long for a few posts in that section.

Until next time wordpress, chow!


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