The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Understanding Hybid Media ‘Lev Manovich’

In this article ‘Lev Manovich’ talks about hybrid media in the 21st century, he first of all talks about special effects and the role they have played in films such as the matrix and 300, he also gives an interesting look into ‘(untitled) pink dot‘ and ‘sodium fox‘ commenting on both films ability to ‘remix’ films using special effects, he also comments that if post-modernism ruled the 80’s, then remix certainly ruled the noughties.

Remixing used to have a specific meaning and it was defined specifically to music. but now it’s meaning is more broad and can be applied to visual arts, texts and online sites. Manovich also comments that the subtle changes that became used widely in the late 90’s have led to a hybrid language with digital moving image. Manovich believes the change in ‘remixability’ occured when sfx and illustration software became relatively cheap for freelance designers and although the software itself did not mean to cause a revolution; infact it was created to help with what was being created already, the users managed to use it for a new form of media creation and remixing.

While reading through this article it becomes obvious how much technology has changed and also techniques to create media in the last fifteen years. It also opened my eyes to the amount of variables in the majority of visual arts created today.


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